View Full Version : MINI Speedway OLPS Races 1 and 2 Are in the Books

2008.01.27, 09:29 PM

Dave K, Michael D and I did the first 2 races in the OLPS today. What a blast! The 8-minute races seemed to go by much faster than the 5-minute Time Trials I've been running. I guess the competition makes the time fly!

I liked the layout and felt it flowed well and was nice and fast.

I never got my car with the HFAY Spec motor running as consistently as the Ford GT I've been running for the Time Trials so I used the GT for these races. After the races were over I worked on the HFAY Car some more including changing the wheelbase to 94mm and the body to the NSX GT and found that it is already faster than the Ford so watch out next month!

Race 1 saw me with the win, Michael 2nd and Dave 3rd.

Race 2 still had me on top with Dave and Michael swapping positions.

I already sent the results to Brian, hopefully in the correct format!

I'm already looking forward to the February races and may set up the track for some practice soon. Meanwhile, I will leave the January track set up for a few more days and run it a few more times. Next month's track looks a bit more challenging.


2008.01.27, 09:57 PM
Got your times, Format looks good. :D