View Full Version : Yeah Racing crystals not working with EX-10 Helios

DJ Kyosho
2008.01.28, 01:15 PM
Just wondering why my yeah racing crystal isn't working with the helios. Any fix for this? Any other brand of crystal that won't work with the helios? Not really a big deal just wanted to know why. Thanks.

2008.01.28, 01:57 PM
I had some yeah racing crystals too. They didn't work in my Helios either :eek: I don't paticularly know why.

I have used Kyosho, and Xmod Crystals with no problem.

2008.01.28, 02:00 PM
Same story here. Yeah Racing crystals are the only ones I've had issues with.

DJ Kyosho
2008.01.28, 04:09 PM
Thanks guys.

2008.01.28, 09:21 PM
hey... i got a set of yeah racing crystals too!!!!...:eek:

luckily i haven't got a helios to put them in... :rolleyes::D;):(:p

guess i'll never know. :o

haven't tried them yeah racing crystals just yet... they're even sealed...

so i guess if you use them with the helios, they should be repacked and renamed as... nyeah racing crystals.... :D:p

i do have an m8 though... hardly ever use it though... any idea if they'll work in an m8?

2008.01.28, 10:51 PM
Per DJ Kyosho, yes, Yeah racing is yeah for M8.

DJ Kyosho
2008.02.03, 07:58 AM
Anybody know if the atomic crystals work with the helios?

2008.02.04, 03:09 AM
Anybody know if the atomic crystals work with the helios?
They work fine for me with the Helios.

DJ Kyosho
2008.02.05, 12:04 PM
Thanks WeBoC!