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2008.01.28, 01:31 PM
Racing Schedule starting last week is now:

Thursday night 7:30pm. Registration must be taken care of by 7:15 the latest.

Saturdays: Due to popular demand we now have two racing sessions. 3pm and 8pm.

Registration must be taken care of at least 20 minutes prior to start.

Looking forward to see you all there.

2008.02.11, 11:49 PM
Hello MHS Z racer fans....:):cool:

Just to let you know we added additional race days to the MHS speedway race schedule.

"For they guys who cant get enough RC racing for the week":D:p

The guys and gals who race MiniZ at MHS speedway should know that there is a new UR (see thread title) racing going on at MHS.

These UR are scheduled to run on Tuesdays from 7pm to 11pm and Sunday 1:30pm to 6pm

Track surface is CRC carpet

Most run classes are 1/12 pan cars, Team Associated 18R, M18 & Scalpel.

1/12 pan cars= 27T stock spec brushed or 13.5 or higher brushless motors. NO lipos. (8min race)

18R= Must use stock rubber tires and 6 cell max on NiCd's/NiMh and 2cell max on lipos. (5min race)

M18/Scalpel= anything goes...... (5min race)

****Track only alows Jack the Gripper tire traction compounds***

There are two qualifies and one mains with bump up's

See you soon
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