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2008.01.29, 04:55 PM
Home-made motor break in stand w/4-cell pack
HPI SF-1 plastic stock servo
Duratrax 20T forward only ESC - no plugs
Duratrax 12T reversing ESC - Dean's plugs
Brand new 3Racing 540 motor heat sink - blue
HPI 27T Saturn Stock motor - bullet plugs

Tons of pinions and spurs 48p:
69, 75, 88, 93 48p spur
15-26 48p pinion, many duplicates on 2 Paragon pinion caddy racks
9 and 17t 32p pinions

1/10th Touring tires:
4x GRP Foam 26mm 37shore - 2 are 1/2 trued, 2 are almost new
4x GRP Foam 26mm 42shore - 2 are 1/2 trued, 2 are almost new
2x GRP Foam 30mm 35shore - almost brand new
2x TRC Foam 30mm 35shore - almsot brand new
4x KTR CS27's on white dish wheels with Sorex medium inserts, very used
Knock-off NASCAR rubber tires on wheels, not for racing
HPI Pirelli Rally block tires on Tamiya gold 10-spoke wheels = Subaru WRC
3x HPI CS40's on white dish wheels with HPI medium inserts, pretty used
3x unknown rubber tires on spoke wheels, very hard compound/insert

1/10th Touring Bodies:
ProtoForm MazdaSpeed 6 - blue & white, good shape
ProtoForm Caddy CTSV-R - candy blue, used on road, no tears
ProtoForm DNA1 - metallic green, used on carpet, no tears
HPI Ford Mondeo - BTCC Rapid Fit livery, 9.9/10, almost perfect
HPI Subaru WRC - rally blue, WRC livery, rally raced, no tears

1 Kyosho MR01 board w/servo and chassis, chassis power wire broken - easy fix
1 IWaver IW01 - problem with glitching, might be easy fix
1 Kyosho MR01 Dodge Viper body w/spoiler, blue w/white stripes
1 IWaver Ford GT body, white w/blue stripes

PM/email for pics/prices

2008.02.15, 04:29 PM
Sold some stuff, shorter list.