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2008.01.29, 05:02 PM
Hi...I'm trying to fit a PN Racing aluminum motor mount onto my 01 and the stock diff does not fit the mount (way too much side-to-side play). I've been told the only diff that works with this mount is the old kyosho 01 aftermarket diff, that goes for about $35-40. Can anyone confirm this? Are there any other diffs that would work? I've also been told I can use an 02 motor mount...thoughts? I use the kyosho diff on my 02 and I like it a lot, so I assume the 01 diff is of equal quality...thanks for any input....

2008.01.29, 07:13 PM
The mr-01 diff is different from the mr-02 diff. The mr-01 mounts and also different from the mr-02 mounts. They are not interchangable.

It sounds like you have both diffs and I'm sure can see visually that they are different. Can you post pics of what you have? Is the PN mount new?


2008.01.29, 08:06 PM
Hey, thanks for the quick reply; I consulted my local shop and sorted it out. They have the discontinued Kyosho 01 diff, which will work with the PN motor mount I have. For future reference, the PN mount is this one:
and it seemingly only works with that kyosho diff for the 01:

2008.01.29, 08:30 PM
Oh okay yeah that is an MR-01 RM motorpod.


2008.01.29, 11:45 PM
I guess this car is an MR01F? As those come with the MR02 stock diff.

This is a little different than the other questions I have seen on this subject. It is a given that an MR01 diff will not fit an MR02 mount. This sounds like the MR01 mount and an MR02 diff. In this case you may, that is a big may BTW, use extra plastic bushings or spacers to take up the play and center the diff. Then the other problem, the pinion needs to line up with the spur gear. If that don't work out, I have seen the MR01 ball diffs dumped on ebay for around $10 or so. I know those was out there, I don't know about nowdays. I do like the MR02 setup as the motor is more centered between the rear wheels. As that can make for a more evenly handling car. Ok, I rambled on long enough here.

2008.01.30, 12:53 AM
Some of the 01 diffs use to come with spacer washers to center the rear axle... and take up some of the slack.

2008.01.30, 02:29 PM
Powerline was one such diff that did have the washers. I have a Megatech diff that would only fit my Megatech mount, it will not fit a standard 01 or 02 type mount. And it needs it's own pinion gears, as standard gears will not mesh with it right. Yes' those are MR01 parts. Just a few examples of a few oddball things that I have seen.

2008.01.30, 11:03 PM
T, if you need an 01 diff, I have an old GPM diff/motormount that I havent used in a while, but it is tuned and functions properly. I keep it in my racebag, so if you want it, you can have it. I wont be racing this Sat, but will be there next week.

And yes, his car is an MR01-F. With black servo case.

2008.02.01, 08:18 PM
sweet. i think al has a kyosho 01 diff set aside for me that i'll be picking up on sat. thanks for all the valuable input, everyone...awesome forum. c u at the track!

2008.02.02, 04:50 AM
Ok, cool. Hope you get the car running well.

I wont be able to make it this week, see you next week. Good luck!!!

2008.02.02, 09:46 AM
I have an alloy topcad or xtra racing silver colored mr01 mount, and i have a alloy cover