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2008.01.29, 07:45 PM
What is the motor limit on the I series board. The fets on the I series are to what equivalent? 3004?


2008.02.02, 06:51 AM
I would say stock.....
I put speedy 05s in our nascars and the FETs eventually went bad. Frankies went first after a few weeks and mine went about a week later.

2008.02.02, 07:02 AM
Wow so pretty much that board blows. lol. Upgrade time:)


flat 4
2008.06.24, 08:15 PM
so I's cant handle to much. what about the X-speed. I havent even drove mine yet, but I'm thinking of doing a 2.4 convertion.

2008.06.24, 09:26 PM
The I-Series board uses 3004 fets. My Nascar has 3004 fets as well (which is not an I-series). I use a Speedy 07BB. And it is geared 41 spur with 9t pinion, which is a little high... Although, I do a lot of coasting with my Nascar, I lift off the throttle a bit half way down the straight and ease back onto it as I turn into the corner.

flat 4
2008.06.25, 10:35 AM
so it should be fine with X-speed. I bought the i-series(NASCAR) becouse it was cheap, and I wanted anthor mini z.

2008.06.26, 07:59 PM
If you are concerned just have the board updated with better fets reflex racing does a single layer 4562 job for 25.00 bucks includes fets and labor cant bet that .