View Full Version : ZZ Hobby RCP track in Toronto

2008.01.29, 11:55 PM
Hi all racers,
The new RCP track in Toronto. Please click to www.zzhobby.com for more information.

James Mak

2008.01.30, 07:57 AM
Great to hear the new store location has a RCP track, will definitely drop by sometime to check it out.

2008.01.30, 09:47 AM
Great track, great store, great people... definately a track to visit...

2008.01.30, 09:58 PM
it's the wedginator!!! he's alive!!!! nice to see that you're back... :D

2008.01.30, 10:06 PM
Thanks Herman! My love for Mini-Z's will never die... I'll always have a Mini-Z to race somewhere...

2008.01.31, 01:52 AM
that's nice to hear...
guess we're a bit alike...
not much posting from you going on eh?

last few posts...

2006.12.13, 12:47 PM
2007.10.12, 06:54 AM
Yesterday, 11:47 PM

what's keeping you busy?

2008.01.31, 06:45 AM
hehe, that's almost a post a year... lol... from time to time when I get a chance I'll start posting... just been busy with school in the past year, then a job this year... so my schedule's hectic...

2008.01.31, 11:41 PM
no prob... it's ok... it was just nice to see you post once in a while...

pomme de terre
2008.02.13, 05:48 PM
Just wondering, what are the operating hours next week? And which days are race days and which are practice days?

2008.02.16, 02:07 AM
I'll set up the pit table on every Wednesday and Saturday. Usually Wednesday club race ans Saturday as a practice race.
Here is the link to http://www.zzhobby.com/MiniZ%20Race%20League/ZZ%20Hobby%20RCP%20Track.htm

The track is open from Monday to Sat. 11:30am to 8:00pm as same as the store open hrs.


2008.04.03, 10:02 PM

i dont see any prices on the website for practices, please adivse pricing aswell.. the midland/sheppard location...are the operating hours up to date??

I want to swing by and check out the action..

2008.04.13, 08:43 PM
Are you Herny?? How're you!!
The midland/sheppard location had been closed. The new location had been posted at http://www.zzhobby.com/AboutUs/location.htm

The price is $3 each hr and $10 on Wednesday night club race. Thanks!!!

James Mak

2008.04.17, 08:12 PM
New video from ZZ Hobby!!

2008.07.02, 01:31 PM
Pre PN Cup on Aug 9th,2008:

Location: ZZ Hobby outside parking lot.
Date: Aug 9th, 2008. (Sat)
Time: 9:00am open practice, 12:30pm start qualify and race.
Class: 2wd Mod., Pro Stock AWD + 2wd, AWD Mod, and out of the box.
Entry fees: $20 each class and $5 for additional class.

Open 2wd:
Any Motor.
2wd MiniZ only.
Any modification allowed.
Rubber tire only.
Pan Car Body or Kyosho Body.

Open AWD:
Any Motor.
AWD kyosho MiniZ only.
Any modification allowed.
Rubber tire only.
Pan Car Body or Kyosho Body.

Pro stock:
2WD or 4WD chassis
Motor: PNWC 08 70 turns motor.
Any PCB modification.
No Additional Board ( For example: turbo Fets, caps, etc)
Rubber tire only.
Touring car body only.

Stock (out of the box):
2WD or 4WD chassis.
Motor: Only silver can motor.
PCB modification is not allowed.
No Additional Board ( For example: turbo Fets, caps, etc)
Any Rubber tire.
Touring car body only.
Drivers must be beginner.