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2008.01.30, 02:35 PM
Inside Line Racing is looking to promote this hobby. Therefore we are setting aside Thursdays to help out anyone with questions about Mini-Z's. It can be any question, from what batteries to what body to use. I will be here all day along with some of our racers that have experience setting up cars. Please feel free to drop by or even call us on the phone. This does not mean we are not helpful on other days, this just means Thursday are strictly for questions.

See you at the track,

Inside Line Racing
2110 Walsh Avenue Suite D
Santa Clara, CA 95050

2008.01.31, 12:34 AM
and I'm there Monday - Sunday except Tuesdays (that's when the shop is closed). So, stop by with your car/s and questions. See you all there!

2008.01.31, 12:00 PM
Bring your AWD's out because I can help with those. Binh and TJ are pretty knowledgeable with 2WD and 4's. If anything check out the rcp layout of the Atomic Worlds that was held here, while it is still up.


2008.02.01, 09:34 PM
Our first How to day was a success. Our staff here and some of our experienced guys were able to help out a good number of people. So if you have any questions, come on down or just give us a call.

2008.02.07, 02:24 PM
I'm setting up my new vits from scratch today. If you guys have questions or wants to see the set-up, just stop by :)!


2008.02.14, 01:37 PM
Ok, it is Thursday again, so if you have any questions or problems just drop by or give us a ring.

2008.02.14, 07:41 PM
I was wondering if they sell ready set for MR-02....