View Full Version : Is my 2PL busted?

2008.01.30, 05:25 PM
Just got a Magnum 2PL off ebay...I am sure it's the AM radio but my mini-z cars don't respond. It's a 75mhz radio, and I'm using the stock 27mhz Kyosho crystals that came with the car and they work fine in the Perfex (Kyosho) controller...anyone have any ideas? Is it bc the frequencies are mismatched?? I am hoping it's not just plain broken...erg.

2008.01.30, 09:30 PM
It's a 75mhz radio
er... sorry to break it to you but the mini-z's operate on a 27mhz am frequency...
you got a radio that's 75mhz am frequency... unfortunately this radio will not work with your mini-z... hope you can contact the seller and have it exchanged for a 27mhz am radio