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2008.01.31, 01:32 PM
I've just come across one on eBay. It's quite cheap for a motor.

I was wondering if anyone knew much about it? It's obviously economical for your batteries, but how much speed does it put out?? Same as a stock motor?

I was curious as whether to buy one.

2008.01.31, 09:08 PM
Slower than stock.

I remember some other posts a while back on this somewhere...hmmm...

maybe do a search....

2008.02.01, 02:33 AM
Will do, thanks mate.


2008.02.01, 11:41 AM
I have some eco motors and I made a video for youtube that shows a miniz with the stock motor versus a miniz with the eco motor. Go to youtube and search for 'mini z eco motor' if you want to see it.

The eco motor is slower and is great for beginners or kids who can't handle the speed of a regular z.

2008.02.02, 11:16 AM
Simple but to the point. You can really notice the difference. I thought the first motor was the eco one! lol.. Well, until I saw the second.

It looks like a nice speed to practice your lines at.

2008.02.07, 01:49 PM

Has anyone run an ECO against an xMod Stage 1? I am looking for a motor for a beginner's racing class for kids and am wondering which motor might be better? I know I want a slower motor than stock.

I've read the xMods are 26-28K RPM. Any idea on the ECO?



2008.02.07, 02:14 PM
For comparison's sake, ECO vs Kyosho Stock, I tried Track #4 from the Time Trial series with my Stock motored Ford GT and my daughter's ECO motored VW Beetle (Punch Buggy!). I was consistent in the 4:46 to 4:49 range with the Ford and Ran a 6:12 and a 6:18 with the ECO motored car. BTW, that 6:12 was possibly the first 50 laps I ever ran without at least banging the wall, let alone run without a stuff or two!

I have a couple of xMod Stage 1 motors on the way. Will test soon.

Mini Speedway

2008.02.07, 04:59 PM
Back again!

So, I decided to see if the batteries were good in my daughters car and they were not fresh so I changed them for a charged set of Tenergy 1000s. Decent cells by the way, not too punchy like the Intellects but good duration.

Anyway, I clocked a 5:50 and change with a best lap of 6.49 seconds while best with my stock car was 4.96 seconds. So, 1.5 seconds a lap slower or so.

BTW, both cars have an 8 tooth pinion.