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2008.01.31, 05:28 PM
Days left to the messe.
And two more updates from TGR

1- Lightened motor mount with adjustable ride height. With this motor mount, racers will have option to adjust their ride with 0.2mm increments and will have 4 different alternatives with two sets of inserts.
This part is standart from now on on all Sinisters which will leave our premises



2- New upper deck and friction holder for Quick battery change.


This combination is also standart for new sinisters. It is almost a new car. Isn't it?

No, it is NOT. But you'll recognize a new car when you see !!!

PS:Friction damping still is an option

2008.01.31, 06:19 PM
WOW,lookin good:cool:
cant wait to get the new parts:D

2008.01.31, 06:30 PM
Itching to get our hands on these as you know! How much does the rear pod weigh with the damper plate?


2008.02.01, 02:32 AM

we need the quick battery change top plate!!

is it at the dealers already? which dealer?

Can we preorder the item somewere?

How can we be sure that when we order , lets say the rear damper that we get the new version? does it have a new partnumber?
same question for the top plate
this question also applies to the knuckles.


2008.02.15, 06:51 AM
I was looking at the last picture were the new topdeck is shown.
and here are a few ideas...

I hope there will be more material in it when it is released to mount the electronics on (behind the servo ) As it is now there is a giant hole where the most space is in the HURDA body.

It would perhaps also be a good idea to make 2 protruding points in the rear of the topdeck that can extend in under the friction damper holding bar. So that the topdeck more clamp the batteries in. I am a bit worried that it will not be enough with the 2 small M2 bolts in the front and that the topdeck will brake in a impact.

also in my chassies it is tight on space for the steering, and it would be possible to move the servo some 3mm to the rear in the chassie by making shorter servomounts.

waiting for my damper and my new knuckles

2008.02.16, 01:28 AM
Just returned from messe and started to response email, threads etc.
Sorry for the late responses.

Dont worry about the batter holder. Since main chasis already slotted those two screw keeps batteries in place. Ozgur used this option for several races and have no problems at all. In fact it was a cropped upperdeck of originial Sinister and it was smaller than this. If you like to feel more comfortable you may have some thin foam between upper deck and battery.

2008.05.03, 12:37 AM
I like the quick batt change. will those pieces be available for those of us who want to upgrade?