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2008.02.01, 10:03 AM
Last nights races at High Speed were the usual very competitive affair that they are on a weekly basis. This week however we said good-bye or hopefully, see you later to one of our current if not reigning Top Gun. After getting caught in a company downsizing, Tommy Lane drove his last runs with us before heading back to the land of ice and snow. After coming off an astonishing 4 in a row and 5 out of six A-mains in a really tough crowd, He closed out his time with us with A main wins in both stock and modified and a good finish in F-1. We don't know how good in F-1 due to an avoidable communications failure. It wouldn't have been a win but probably would have been a 2nd. Another of High Speeds finest,Rodney Combs Jr. clearly had the field covered.

Aside from the obvious skill level, Tommy was always willing to help a rookie in the right direction. Giving input with the correct part or tire selection helping quite a few of us stay off the hot piece of the week syndrome.

The group from Staten Island will probably be Tommy's new home track. He will be as big an asset to them as he was to us or at least to me.

Tommy, take care of yourself. You will always be welcome. Thanks for everything.

Complete race results to follow from the Breeze.

2008.02.02, 03:21 PM

I'm sure you'll have those boys chasing you up in New York... best of luck in your new racing home.
Great racing with you, at least once. You were a fast friend and I'm sure all the gang at HSH will miss you.
You're right about High Speed Hobbies - a great group to race with. Helpful, knowledgeable, and just plain fast. I will enjoy racing there. I just moved from Chicago were the Mini Z racing scene was nonexistant. Luckily my new home has a great Mini Z racing track with fast, friendly people. I'm sure they'll end up with a bit of my money, gotta try mod.


2008.02.03, 02:15 PM
Tommy, I sorry to see you go. Sometimes life sucks. I know you'll bounce back and land on your feet. I've been out of town, I'm really sorry I didn't get to race with you one more time. It's too bad I was really gonna try this week.:-)
Just do me one favor.......Kick some ass up there, Like I pushed you to do. I very proud of you. I know the guys at work gave you hell about your racing, but you pervailed and have been kicking ass.

Gonna miss ya bud.

Take it easy,

2008.02.03, 03:27 PM
We're all gonna miss you here at HSH. It definitely won't be the same on Thursday nights. Being fairly new to the hobby, I've appreciated the help you've offered on a regular basis. However, I won't miss that scary fast flourescent yellow/green car lapping me as it usaully does. Just kidding! Don't be a stranger, come back and visit(race) when you can.


2008.02.06, 11:45 AM
Tommy, We will sure miss you around here. I will add to what has already been said. You, my friend are one hell of a racer and tuner. I really want to thank you for all of your help with the rookies. You consistently set the bar @ HSH and I am sure you will do the same in NY. I am sure you will earn a factory ride soon with your excellent driving and tuning skills. It has truly been a pleasure!

Davey G
2008.02.06, 12:19 PM
People actually like you down in NC huh? Haha, just kidding bud. Look forward to running with you again, in these neck of the woods. See you in a few weeks!!!