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2008.02.04, 05:25 AM
I just ordered my dad an unpainted rx7 for his 015

A couple of questions though:
1. What are the offsets,
2. Which of the rm lentghs is it,(s,m,L)

2008.02.04, 06:29 AM
M 90 wheelbase, and +1 offset narrow front and rears. This is if it's the FD RX7. You may be able to fit 0 offset wides in the rear. I have mine on my MA010 AWD chassis.

2008.02.04, 09:21 PM
i ordered the unpainted 015 version
would that be wide 0s

2008.02.04, 09:50 PM
i ordered the unpainted 015 version would that be wide 0s
hmm... did you get an rx-7 fc3s http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/products/rc/detail.html?product_id=100490
or an rx-7 fd3s

i got a painted version fd3s :D (it's somewhere in my sig - "click here to see herman's cars")

i got it way before m015's came out... i put some narrow fronts and a semi wide rear rims on it (stock rims were +1mm as hammerz pointed out)... haven't tried a wide rear rim on it though, but it just might work out... too bad my fd3s is a shelf queen...


hope you find what you're looking for... :D

2008.02.04, 11:30 PM
would that be wide 0s

Yes it is, only for the rears. And even then it would be pushing the limits, meaning that you may have to shave a little on the inside for it to clear the tire. The front you may be able to run a 1.5 offset N wheel, any more and it will stick out too far. The rear wheels just need to clear moving up/down. The fronts you want them to clear as they move left to right. This is just an idea of what you can fit and get away with on here, without major work involved.

I figured the FD3S, as the FC3S I have not seen as an unpainted body set. I wish I can find one.

You can use the pictures that herman posted to know for sure. If it is an FC then those offsets are 0, and that body is a little tighter around the sides. It's still an M 90 wheelbase.

2008.02.05, 12:58 AM
I ran +1mm front, -1mm rear on my FD3S.

I had to shave down the rear right wheel to clear the ball diff spur. On an MR01 diffs -1mm clears fine, but MR02, stock diffs rub even when sanded down a bit. I used an Atomic diff. And shaved the inside of the wheel about 1mm. Cant use very wide rear tires. Kyosho 20d slick works well :P