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2008.02.05, 02:48 AM
Inside Line Racing is always looking to promote Mini-Z racing to as many people as we can. Therefore, the next step is to place Mini-Z racing in front of a larger audience. We will be holding an endurance race in a shopping mall. The final details of the event are not yet finalized. Please stay tuned for more information.

Event: Endurance (4 to 5 hours) 3 Man Team
Place: San Jose, CA Westgate Mall
Tentative Date: March 8, 2008

2008.02.07, 03:05 PM
I will be racing on this day with my vitz or van and have my team run their fast cars. It would be nice to have all the cars on the track for the viewers to see.

If you want to join and don't have a team just sign up here and we'll find you one. I don't have a team yet so if you guys want to be in my team, you're more than welcome. I am not taking an expert drivers, just experience novice/sportsman.

See you all there!

2008.02.08, 07:25 PM
Z_408, I got Welmer to go on this day so I'll need one more...

2008.02.10, 04:10 AM
you can count me in on your team tj ;)

2008.02.10, 01:53 PM
Ryan, I have my team already... sorry! I don't think I should have you on my team since you're not novice. You should grab some sportman drivers and build your team...

2008.02.14, 10:57 PM
Flyer for the event.

2008.02.19, 07:42 PM
The final details of the Mall Mayhem Marathon have been finalized.

Date: March 8, 2008
Practice: 10 AM to 11:45 AM
Race Start: 12 PM Sharp
Race Format: 6 Hour endurance race, 3 man team
Race Track: RCP
Timing System: Core
Race Fee: $60/Team

This will be the first time the Bay Area will see Mini-Z racing in a shopping mall. If you would like to be apart of the action please sign-up ASAP. The event will be limited to 12 teams. Trophies will be awarded to the top three positions. Thanks to our sponsors, we will have raffle prizes for participants. Please support our sponsors because they support Mini-Z racing.

Rules for the event are simple. This is going to be a one transponder race. This means you can use any number of PCBs, chassis, bodies, etc. The only thing that you must use from start to finish is your transponder.

This will be a preregistration event. Last day to sign up is March 1st. You can either sign up with paypal using Binh@insidelineracing.com, over the phone with a credit card and in person at our store. We will also set up a FREE drift track for anyone wanting to show off your drift skills.

Thank you for your support,

2008.02.25, 03:27 PM
I'm thinking to join this race. Please let me know if anyone need me. I think I am sportman driver...


2008.02.26, 04:26 AM
That's cool Eddie! We'll find you a team!

2008.03.01, 02:52 AM
Last day for sign-ups tomorrow. Half the field has already been set. Don't miss out on an opportunity to race in front of the crowds.

2008.03.03, 03:30 PM

2008.03.10, 12:11 AM
The Mall Mayhem Marathon was a great event. We have fifteen racers ready to battle for the top position on the podium. The race start we Stephen driving his AWD pan car for the first sixty minutes. He put his team into the lead early. Team 4 (Ian, Fernando, Paul) had the best strategy and were super fast with their driver/car changes. Everyone that raced a six hour event deserves to win.

Officail Results:

1st: Team 3 (Bryan, Stephen, Ryan) 2332 Laps

2nd: Team 4 (Ian, Fernando, Paul) 2298 Laps

3rd: Team 5 (Stephen, Alan, Floyd) 2267 Laps

4th: Team 1 (Bernie, TJ, Art) 2256 Laps

5th: Team 2 (Richard, James, Steven) 2085 Laps

During the last hundred minutes of the event we had a system error and some cars were not counting. I handled the situation to what I thought was the best compromise. I hope everyone can understand that it was out of my control. For a race that has over 2000 laps I would not be able to go back and split laps. If anyone knows how this situation is handled at other events, I would like to know for the next time if the problem happens again.

Team 4, I have your trophies here at the store. Drop by and pick them up when you get a chance.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the racers who showed up and supported our event even though they could not race and our sponsers. (Hobbytown USA SJ, Kyosho America, Coconut Grove, Eagle Cafe, Two Face Cards, Smart Products, Reflex Racing, PN Racing)

See you at the track.

2008.03.11, 03:33 PM
Race Pictures:

2008.03.11, 07:30 PM
Oh man I regret being out of town that day... looks really cool! How successful were you guys at grabbing the attention of bystanders?

2008.03.18, 12:10 PM
tempted to join the next event.

2008.03.18, 04:18 PM
you should.

2008.03.24, 09:29 PM
Here are the pics (http://s306.photobucket.com/albums/nn274/insidelineracing/Mall%20Mayhem%20Marathon/)