View Full Version : PN 8 Deg RCP Tire - Updated Compound

2008.02.06, 02:44 PM
New for 2008 is an updated compound for the 8 deg tire. Package and item number is the same, but per Phil, the compound is improved. The old 8 deg tires were good and consistent, but the new compound is very impressive. First two or three battery runs car stick like glue to the track. After that, it settles down slightly and traction holds at that level all the way until the tire wears out which takes quite a while. Probably could have increased the traction a little if I cleaned the tires.
With this much traction, glue is almost required. I have been getting away without glue, but now there is definitely wheel hop around the corner as the tire is peeling off the rim.

2008.02.06, 03:23 PM
what where you using for fronts? I was running the new PN 8's last week and PN 10's in the front and had so much traction my AD band Pan car was actualy traction rolling at the end of the strait.

I think philip recommends 15's or 20's on the front.

2008.02.06, 05:20 PM
I am running PN 20 in the front. It takes a good number of laps for the tire to wear in. Once worn in, it has quite good traction. It can still roll the car if you are not careful.The good thing about the 20s are that they are stiff enough tape is not necessary, and I never have a tire fall off.

2008.02.06, 10:49 PM
He should have changed the model number. So you know you are getting the good stuff.

I havent liked the PN 8d tires that I have used recently. They didnt even last the race night, on a stock class car with Speedy 05. These tires sound interesting... have to give them a try.

I have been using the Kyosho 20d slicks lately, and found them to be considerably better on my local track than the PN 8s. Atomic 20 and 30 AW tread work better than the 8s as well. It could just be the grip at my track, but I will have to give the new tires a test.

2008.02.08, 02:21 PM
Yeah, the same gripe....
Why not to give it a new number???? How am I supposed to know what I'm getting? Back to Kyosho for now (they work well anyway) :)

2008.02.09, 02:41 AM
Had a chance to test them... I am a believer. Feel more RUBBER-like and less silicone. I had to clean them before I got the grip, but it is good.

Not quite as much grip as I would want, but MUCH better than the previous compound, and a little more than Kyosho 20d and Atomic 20d AW groove. I ran for at least 5x 500mah packs, and didnt see much tire wear. Look like they will last pretty long.

The one thing that I dont like, is how wide and high the profile is. On bodies with little clearance (like Lexus SC430), they tend to rub unless you grind and/or raise the body. For this reason, I may have to use the Kyosho 20d tires on some bodies.

I am going to run them for racing tomorrow and see how they run. Track conditions should be a little better.

I still think a different model number would have been nice. But I think that anything new will be the new compound. Hopefully it will stay consistant.

Thanks for the heads up benmlee :d