View Full Version : Connecticut

2008.02.07, 10:34 PM
Is there any Mini-z clubs or race nights? Thanks

2008.04.15, 07:10 PM
the only shop near you in CT with a track is RC Madness in Enfield (off Rt 5 I believe), but i called thew recently about Mini-Z parts and they said that they dont stock anything for Mini-z's and and Mini-Z's have "died out around here over the past couple years". I'd give them a call and see if they have open track times. Although i think the track is geared towards 1/10th scale cars, so it might be huge for mini-z's.

2008.05.13, 06:43 PM
Yeah I live like 5 minutes away from it and your right the track is way to big.I'm planning on picking up a couple L's so I can make a decent RCP track and maybe start up a club.

2008.08.03, 11:07 PM