View Full Version : New PNRWC rules, what is this all about?!?

2008.02.08, 11:29 PM
Have a look where, http://minizworldcup.com/ :confused:

2008.02.09, 02:42 PM
Not sure if the rules are right just yet on it......but the track is listed.

2008.02.09, 08:22 PM
It's been known for a while in Europe. It is a shame if they bring this to the states as many clubs will not be able to host a Regional. I might desert the PN Cup for the Atomic Cup if this is the case...

Here's the thing: track is HUGE, it needs a lot of space to be set-up as well as specific tiles. Philip might ship the track, but that is a hassle. On top of that they want the Giro-Z to be a mandatory lap counter, a lot of clubs don't use it or will learn to use it even if PN provides it.

IMO, they are alienating a whole lot of people that would host a regional otherwise if the track was different. It also yields an unfair advantage to the few that would be able to keep the same layout for a full year to practice on. Very dumb idea if you ask me.

2008.02.10, 10:11 AM
Hi Cristian,

I know what you mean about this. It will be hard for us to host a race for many reasons. First we don't have a space that is 37x22 for just the track. Second i don't have all the pieces that are required for the track. I did buy the 2006 track after that race but it's doesn't have all that is required. Third we don't run Gyro-z transponders, we run I-Lap.

I can see what philip is trying to do with keeping the same track for the regionals. Almost like a HFAY type ranking system. But both you and i know that all RCP tracks are not the same. So the results from track to track will be different.

Maybe we can get him to change the track at the final because as you said that is an unfair advantage for people that can set up a track and practice all year long. I do think it's an interesting idea and maybe it's worth trying for a year.

I'm going to race the PN worlds no matter what this year. Last year i couldn't go due to having a kid before the race. So i'm itching to race.

I'm going to try and race the Atomic race also. But getting information about the race is like pulling teeth. I have asked for more information about the race by email and message board with nothing in response. That drives me crazy. I have to plan ahead or the wife gets mad. Also the tire rule is just dumb. It's hard enough to get the mods hooked up with an open tire rule.

Either way i hope to see you at both events. It wouldn't be the same without you.

2008.02.10, 10:14 PM
just a quick count of the track reveals that even if you have 1 expansion pack you come up 1 center tile short of setting up this track.

the expansion comes with 36 center blank tiles, this track requires 37.:mad:

I don't like the fact that the track is even published. it should be a unique track for both the regionals and especially the champoinship track. giving everyone the same amount of time to practice. for those clubs that can set up the track and leave it, they would have an advandage over those that can't.

just one mans opinion.

2008.02.11, 04:09 PM
I hope that this does not come true, as it is totaly unfair, and for me this isn't racing!!!

Besides pushing a huge RCP track and Giro-z lap counters I can't see the point in this. Two tracks with the same layout don't have the same grip and that can make for a huge difference. Besides that, there isn't any real 'race' going on...

Another thing, is that I don't see any races in Portugal. After such a great race that was the WC Final not even hosting a qualifying round in Portugal is a shame, and make no mistake we have some of the best driver here.

2008.02.11, 10:02 PM
I am sponsoring a portion of the track costs for the 2008 World Cup events here in the states and overseas. I will talk to Philip when he gets back from the Toy Fair, regarding your concerns.

2008.02.12, 09:39 AM
I emailed Philip about all of our concerns.

First let me just say that Philip always trys to make things fair for everyone and more importantly fun for everyone.

The rules on the website are not at 100% and not confirmed yet.

First and most important response is the final track will not be known until the event. That way no one can set up the track ahead of time to practice. The track will also be bigger then the regional tracks.

Second, that was not the regional track. He would like the track to be 22x12 tiles and more common tiles then the one in the other picture. I just checked the site and the new track is listed. (i think that is the new one but i will confirm.)

Third, I guess last year in Spain there were 18 regionals with not many drivers at each event. He wants to have less regionals so that way more drivers would be at the events. In Spain this year he is going to have 3 races. I think we all would like to see more drivers at the regionals.

Anyways I hope this addresses most peoples concerns. I know it's hard to make everyone happy but he is trying.

2008.02.12, 11:05 AM
Problem with having less regionals, especially in the USA is the distance in between them. With the exception of the North East distances are not drivable here, where Spain for example, is about the size of Texas. I know my locals wouldn't go anywhere further than Dallas for example, which is a 5 hour drive without traffic.

Not having a regional in Portugal is messed up in my opinion. Sure the guys from Portugal can travel, but if TRP represents PN in Spain AND PORTUGAL, then at least 1 of their 3 regionals should have been scheduled to be organized there.

Philip is a very fair guy, I agree and I know he is looking for the best interest of the series. Joe and myself have been in conversation with him about this BEFORE it was ever posted on MZR. We just did not want it to go public so as to not create trouble before it even happens. Even though the track is smaller, it is still a bit big for most clubs. As it stands right now it is 33x22.

2008.02.12, 12:55 PM
I don't think Philip was saying have less in the states. There wasn't that many in the states last year anyways. I would think this year there would be CA, TX, PA, and more but i can't think of them.

As for a race in Portugal, I have not heard if there was or wasn't a race there.

Yes 33x19 is a big track. But once a year finding a place to run a big track like that is fun. As you said most drivers don't get to run on a big rcp track because of space. But once a year would love to.

2008.03.10, 10:29 AM
The correct rules, and the first results rankings are posted on it.

link: www.minizworldcup.com (http://www.minizworldcup.com)