View Full Version : Will MR-02 PCB fit MR-01

2008.02.10, 08:07 PM
First post here and I have managed to stuff up my MR-01 board while trying to do a fet stack upgrade.

Looking in the tinyrc shop it looks like they have one MR-02 board in stock and I was wondering if they will work in the MR-01 chassis, and if there is any modification to make them fit and work.

If not does anyone know where i could get a replacement board for my MR-01, or which boards will work in this chassis??


2008.02.10, 08:16 PM
yes they will fit, same board dimensions, but the servo wires are different. There have been many people put 02 boards in an 01. but for the price, I would go for the I-Series board. Since it has no brakes, it will be just like the 01 in terms of funcionality. Or for just a little more than the price of a new 02 board, you can buy an 02 chassis set without body or Tx.

The Firelap boards will also fit if you can find one of the old ones ;)

2008.02.10, 11:10 PM
Cool thanks for that info Ninja.

However the MR-01 bodys don't fit the MR-02 chassis do they??
I believe the MR-02 chassis is wider??

I noticed that the shop has MR-015 Chassis for sale also.

Would the MR-01 body fit that chassis??
Its an old Lancer Evo (red)

And would the white bit at the front that the body clips into on the MR-01 fit the MR-015.


2008.02.11, 08:01 AM
yes, the 01 body that you have will fit the 015, but not the 02. I dont think you would be able to find wheels narrow enough to fit it on an 02. Yes the nose mount will work, they are all the same mounting point on the chassis end.