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2008.02.11, 11:54 AM
It's 18 x 10 (at one end, 8 at the other). It still needs a little improvement, including more 'rails' (copper pipe insulation), which are super cheap, of course. We set it up in my building's yet-to-be finished 'rec room', which is the perfect spot. Big open space. It's a fun one to run on, easily changed from a standard '96' setup to an oval. We taped down the rails with cloth tape, which was effective for a few laps, until the tape started coming up when the cars hit it. I think big binder clips from an office supply store will work great at holding the rails on, actually...heading out to look for those today. Total cost thus far=$150. http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/4782/img000351ir0.jpg

2008.02.11, 12:12 PM
looking good! i have a pack of mats coming this week,can't wait to set up a track.

2008.02.12, 12:35 AM
veri nice, i should know, ive driven on it...

2008.02.12, 05:02 PM
Ok, so the previous track was a first-run deal with no trial run, made up of two kinds of tiles jimmied together...it came out good for what it was. But now, to anyone looking to build a solid track on the cheap...I've done it and I wanted to share the fruits of my labor. (Maybe this has been covered here before but I couldn't find it.) These rails will not move on impact (in fact, they give the car a gentle bounce back). PLUS, the rails go on easily, in no time, especially compared to those RCP track rails, which I've heard are a pain in the keister. I set up this small 8x14 track in my spare room in about 20 minutes.
The tiles are 2' x 2' and are from a company called 'getrung' (just google them) and the 'rough' side of their 3/8" tiles are a great match for RCP. Plus they are light and thinner than RCP, so they're easier to store (we are talking about a home track here). The rails are simple 3 foot lengths of 3/8" copper pipe insulation, which come with a split down the seam (that is crucial). The key to the whole thing, which my incredible genius girlfriend came up with, is using 1 1/4" binder clips to hold the rails to the tiles. These clips fit flush to the inside of the mats' teeth so you can lay a rail WHEREVER you want, HOWEVER you want, just by clipping it flush and folding the wire clasps under the mat. Luckily, the wire clip that doesn't fold under the mat can be tucked inside the insulation tube to support the rails for impact on both sides. Like I said, genius.
I'm planning a few refinements, like cutting some shorter lengths of 'rail' to fill the small gaps (though they're not posing a problem yet), but that's all subjective stuff. This track works. I'll post one more pic when I get time to assemble the 'big' track down in the building's rec-room again.
Let me know if this isn't clear. We should all have practice tracks taking up the entire guest/spare/laundry/bed/living/room!!! lol
Total cost of this track: $115

2008.02.12, 07:23 PM
Sick better than the RCP tracks with the screw down borders... Someone should sell this package.