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2008.02.12, 08:14 AM
Love it! looks, dare i say, beautiful:p

it's the small details like the lack of including a proper machine screw for any mono shock, damper kit and even basic isntructions that i find really annoying though.

if your taking any suggestions, please atleast include a screw for the suspension post.
even a basic wire frame diagram showing how the peices connect would be helpful. it's not rocket science but i know if i had to take a minute to fiddel with them to figure out how they came together, i know many others will as well.

2009.08.14, 10:31 PM
I just got TWO of the F-1 motor mounts and it IS irritating that there were not the correct screws in the kit for use NOR the correct amount of screws. The motor mount for example requires counter sunk flat heads for the motor--got none of those--got a BUNCH of the self tapers that I didn't need as I just used the stock ones as they go back in exactly the same place. Motor etc. --- and lot's of machine screws-- 4 extra-- but they'll make nice spares.
Then----WHY OH WHY wouldn't either the motor mount OR The shock kit contain the necessary parts to HOOK UP THE SHOCK!!!! Come ON---it's $38 bucks--- + the shock---let's make sure the parts are there to USE IT!!! :D


2011.05.07, 05:22 AM
same here is there a diagram anywhere ?
trying to mount the x speed motor and unsure how to do it ????

2011.05.07, 05:46 AM
Almost all aftermarket mounts use two screws through a plate into the motor face to secure it. The Kyosho motors aren't predrilled to receive the screws. You can drill them out (do search here for instructions) or use an after market motor can that is predrilled...

2011.05.07, 05:48 AM
thx traveller,