View Full Version : attn: no racing on feb 14th per vickie

2008.02.12, 07:49 PM
per vickie wednesday (feb 12th) there will be no racing thursday feb 14th. i guess that puts everything in the air again until we can discuss resetting the computer. lara, do you know how to set the computer up? i've tried calling you and leaving you a message, but your voice mail is full. please pass this on as i am sure a lot of people planned on racing. she said she meant to mention it last week but forgot. i would say plan on racing the 21st and planning an off night later to try and straighten a few things out.... i see i got a little attention on my first posting. we need to seriously work on getting out of the hobby shop by 9:00, 9:30 at the latest. cancelling more races has been brought up again. todd

2008.02.13, 04:53 PM

agreed, fine with me. -josh