View Full Version : Noob Question About F! Tires

2008.02.12, 09:16 PM
I just bought a very used Mini Z McLaren F1 at a local hobby shop to do some indoor winter racing with the grandkids. The car needs tires and the ones I have found are like this: HIGH GRIP TIRE(50). The numbers vary from 10 to 50. Can anyone tell me what the numbers mean? I am more interested in long life than in max grip. Which should I buy?

Also, where can I get a wheel nut wrench?


2008.02.12, 09:45 PM
First off, you've got to have the appropriate grip. Long lasting tires will be no good if you are driving on ice. Trust me on this one.

For the most part the tires should last a while.

As far as the numbers on the different tires, lower is softer. 50's are pretty much useless and 10's are like chewing gum.

I put together an article a little over a year ago that should give you a good start on tires...


The general concepts will apply but the sizing for F1 tires will be different from racer tires described in the article. Post here if you have any more questions.