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2008.02.13, 11:03 AM
Saw this when looking through pics of the 2008 Nuremberg Toy Fair.


Based on the size of the JST, the size of the receiver, and the fact that its a hard body and has a mini-z style front clip, I think its 1/28?

2008.02.13, 11:17 AM
not a clue but good find!!!!
just looking at page 11;)

Red Team
2008.02.13, 11:33 AM
It looks like 4wd !

2008.02.13, 01:00 PM
It's definitely 1/28, just look at the repainted 350Z shell. All I can see is that the drivetrain and wheels are from an MA010. Everything else looks custom, and very well made at that. I think the steering is a drag link setup.

Google hasn't given me anything regarding it's ID though.

2008.02.13, 01:06 PM
Think it might be an update on the pro-z TCZ?


2008.02.13, 01:46 PM
Just on gut feeling, that car doesn't seem like Pro-Z's style. I wouldn't put it past him to make something like it though. :)

Davey G
2008.02.13, 02:55 PM
Just on gut feeling, that car doesn't seem like Pro-Z's style. I wouldn't put it past him to make something like it though. :)

I highly doubt that Scott from PRO Z would attend Nurenburg toyfair to show his cars. Thats a TON of conversions he would have to sell to make up his cost in airfare... :cool:

I cant find anything either on this conversion, very neat though.

2008.02.13, 06:54 PM
Off topic but the writing is in Greek.:D

Red Team
2008.02.14, 07:58 AM
Guys, I found it.
One of the guys in our club went to Fair and spoked with the representatives at this company. It's a british lad who moved in China and found his company selling different RC parts and kits...planes, boats, cars etc.
This car in the picture it's the prototype and my friend drove it to the Fair. It's a 4wd powered by a brushless motor, has LiPo and it's very fast. The car will be available somewhere in summer, as RTR and ARR.
I'll make a picture on the flyer which claims to be " the first 1/28 4wd brushless rc car " and I'll post it here.
Right now I'm at work and can't recall the site adress, though they have two, one it's something with " modell fun " and the other one it's with " international "...sorry. Anyway,
I've cheked their sites ( while I was at home ) but this car isn't there yet.
I'll keep you informed !

Red Team
2008.02.15, 03:28 AM
As I promised, some pictures and links !


Red Team
2008.02.21, 03:53 AM
Few more pics from rc junkies in a slideshow:


2008.02.21, 08:20 AM
very interesting find!

if anyone has the manufacturer contact info, please email it to me. we would be intereested in importing this.

Red Team
2008.02.21, 09:47 AM
Arch...I posted the contacts 2 posts above...these are the guys ! Anyway I'll check again the flyer and let you know !
My friend drove this prototype at the fair, he said it's incrediblle fast but due to limited space, he couln't figure out more characteristics of this model. The guys said will be available somewhere in the summer.


2008.02.21, 09:37 PM
That is far, FAR too much power IMO. An Xcelorin would have been plenty adequate, but a motor of that size (is it a Hacker?)... :eek:

2008.02.22, 11:06 PM
Omg i want one. lol