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2008.02.13, 04:38 PM
Heya all i just bought this off ebay and i was wondering how old is this and was it worth the 27



2008.02.13, 04:55 PM
Really old, like 2001-2. Yes it's worth the 27 you paid. You can purchase all the MR-02 chassis parts and upgrade it that way.

MR-01 Parts are few and far between.


2008.02.13, 05:11 PM
how mutch will the MR-02 bits cost me

2008.02.13, 05:15 PM
about another 20 ish,where you from?

2008.02.13, 05:17 PM
i am from the uk

2008.02.14, 12:24 AM
Nice find! I wish my Viper GTSR was blue!!! Looks much sleeker than my red one does :cool:

2008.02.14, 03:18 AM
Heya oramac i will selling this on ebay just the shell i wont get mutch but hey i am gunna spray ir yelllow

2008.02.15, 03:02 PM
nice, if its the one i think it is....i almost bid on it myself!

2008.02.16, 06:47 AM
I did bid on it.
I was the second highest bidder.Did not want to go too high though as I'd already won an mr01 in the morning too.
Looks great,worth every penny.
It said the H plate was home made,was it badly done or is it ok?
Is this you r first mini z?

2008.02.16, 11:12 AM
I've got lots of MR01 parts! lol PM if you want to buy some :D

2008.02.23, 01:54 AM
It said the H plate was home made,was it badly done or is it ok? the original h-plate is soft, but prone to breaking if you race alot...

kyosho and some other third party manufacturers made them in carbon fiber and offer different stiffnes - soft, medium and hard... a home made h plate i believe, would be easy to make and cost much less...

congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forums... :D