View Full Version : Anyone in the northwest suburbs of Chicago?

2008.02.14, 01:13 AM
Hey, i am curious to know if anyone is in the northwest suburbs of Chicago?

A couple of my friends and i get together occasionally to race(mainly xmods... >.>) but i would like to get more into mini-z racing. So if there is anyone that has a group or knows of a hobby shop that carries mini-z parts in store would be greatly appreciated!!!


2008.02.14, 10:03 AM
I'm in NW Chicago, Jefferson Park. Looking for racers too! I have space in my basement for a track.

2008.02.14, 12:46 PM
Nice! I'm in Arlington Hts. about 5-10 minutes away from the Arlington Park Racecourse. I have a Wide L track that my friends and I race on.

2008.02.14, 01:10 PM

What do you race? I have a modded AWD and 2 Overlands. What do you guys usually do?

I have not even driven the AWD because I don't have an RCP. Got it here for a ridiculous cheap price, so I can't complain that it is set up for RCP.

2008.02.14, 10:46 PM
currently we just race xmods, but ive got an mr01 with just an xspeed motor, mr015 modded by ph2t, a stock ma010, and i just got a new stock mr02