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2008.02.14, 08:19 AM
Ok, so I am trying to swap some things around on my cars, but I don't want to cook anything, and I have been out of hobby grade stuff for around a decade now :rolleyes:

Anyway, here goes. I have a Ko KR-302F Advanced HSR 75mHz Rx, and I just got a Futaba S3154 servo. I want to make sure nothing as far as positive/negative shift is going to cause any problems. I know that the two brands have different shifts, but I'm not certain if the shift only has to be the same on the Tx to Rx side, or if the servo has to match up with the rest of the stuff.

Other question. I have a Helios FM module for my EX-I UR, and I tried to get my old Airtronics micro Rx to talk to it, but got nothing. It's an Airtronics 92826 75mHz FM 2 channel micro Rx. I am now just trying to either get this working (for some reason I think that these two are just not compatible technology anymore), or find a micro Rx that is a bit cheaper than the Ko micro. Would the GWS micro work, and if so, would I go with a positive shift?

Sorry, I know this is pretty wordy, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

2008.02.14, 10:35 AM
Here is the popular reciever being used in many of the brushless Micro-T trucks these days, they are very tiny and fit in the 1:36 scale truck with lots of space. Yeah, you really dont need 4 channels, but the extra channels could be used to run light sets, or similar low voltage things. The onle I have listed here is 72mhz, but I found one the other day in 75mhz and available in positive or negative shift.


and here it is in the truck, not the prettiest truck, but you can see the size of it


2008.02.14, 03:23 PM
Ninja, thanks for the info and the links, its a big help...