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2008.02.14, 04:03 PM
This isn't exactly an Overland, but it's the same scale and off-road so I thought I would post it here. I am starting up a ssmt using the 1:43 ssmt axels and 3-link suspension, similar to a 2.2 crawler. I am planning to use the CJ-7, but that may change. So far I have a mock up, and I think I am going to try and find some bigger tires, the aoshima swampers just don't cut it. Well, here are the pics so far:

And here are the infamous axels:

I got the smallest servo I could find that had similar specs to the HS-55, but thinner. The GWS Pico:

And that is all I got so far, but I should have some updates my tomorrow, or maybe later today. I going to head to the hobby shop and get some materials for building the links and suspension now.

2008.02.14, 04:18 PM
Looks like an awesome project.

2008.02.14, 04:50 PM
I actually plan to mount the servo on top of the front axel, like on larger rigs, to get more flex out of it. I will have to modify the axel a little to get it to sit right. And here is a shot of where it will be placed, and to see how thin the servo really is:

2008.02.14, 05:42 PM
wow- im watchin this! how much did you buy the axels for, ive heard of them going for $150+ before. theres one on the auction site right now i think, $10 last time i checked but has 5days left:(

2008.02.15, 12:45 PM
I'm going to keep an eye on this build too! :D what axles are they?

2008.02.15, 01:48 PM
he said in the first post.

1:43 ssmt axels

2008.02.17, 10:17 AM
I actually got the axels a while back when they weren't as rare and expensive, but never really tried anything with them until now.

I have figured out how I am going to do the transmission and motor. I have hacked up the ssmt transmission and have put some Gen1 Xmod CVD's on it for the driveshafts. The motor and gearbox is actually going to be a servo, so it will be very torquey. Here is the body cut up so the tranny will fit:

Here is the hacked up ssmt tranny:

And here it is with the tranny sitting on it, I'm going to try and hide it if I can when its all said and done.

And I have cut up the body a little bit for the "crawler" look, like other comp. jeeps. Should give more tire clearance also.

This is what the axels look like with the aoshima swampers on them. They look very scale, but the grip is'nt all that great. I'm going to try to get some of cooldragon's new tires for this rig, if possible. I'm sure they would be better than the aoshima's.

The chassis is being painted right now, and the links are being fabricated, should have them ready by tomorrow.

2008.02.18, 10:27 AM
Here is an update:
I got the body and chassis painted, and the tranny is not mounted yet, but you can see how it will all fit together when it is glued in place.

The Driveshafts fit right into thier slots on the underside of the body.

Here is the chassis. It is made from the chssis that came with the model kit and I added some styrene peices for suspension mounts:

Here it is mounted under the body:

And these are pieces that I made from an aluminum pipe, will connect the links to the axels. I actually drilled little holes in the ssmt axels to screw into.
Should have a roller soon, but I am still stuck on mounting the servo to the axel.

2008.02.19, 12:52 AM
very cool dude i am going to start the same thing too soon. where did you get that servo i am looking for something that small to fit not only in my ssmt but for my xtruck. thanks

2008.02.19, 02:20 PM
Nice build!

2008.02.21, 09:35 AM
I found the servo on ebay, search micro servo and you will find tons.

I have figured out how I am going to mount the servo to the axel! I designed an aluminum mount that screws on to the top of the axel and holds the servo, it also beefs up the front knuckle holders.

Now I just need to figure out the suspension. My original plan for the suspension is not going to work, but I'll think of something.

2008.02.21, 02:59 PM
I am very pleased with how the front axel has turned out. The servo is mounted with trinity narrow servo tape-the stickiest stuff I have ever seen, it almost permanently bonds things together and is only 1mm thick!

I made the links out of aluminum tubing and xmod shock ends. I trimmed up the knuckle arms to allow for the tightest turning radius, any more steering and the CVD's begin to bind. I acutally had so much steering I had to trim it on the radio so the CVD's would stop binding. That is another advantage to mounting the servo on top of the axel, more steering travel.

Here you can see the top of the servo is almost even with the height of the tires. I should get some good flex out of it.

The aluminum servo mount also has room for some suspension mounts, as you can see.

I am still working on suspension designs and the chssis confirguration. All comments are welcome!

2008.02.22, 07:18 AM
Very very cool K! :)

2008.02.24, 01:14 PM
I got my reciever today, pulled it from an rc18t and took it out of the case to reduce the size. It fits nicely under the hood, I just hope there will be enough room for an ESC and a small li-po battery in there too.

I just finished up the tranny, it is fully working and pretty bulletproof. It uses an HS-55 with the pot taken out of it. The servo isn't strapped down yet, and the driveshaft isn't glued becuase I am still deciding how I'm going to hide it. I was thinking either making it a tool box or a fuel tank, what do you guys think?

Its gettin' there!

2008.03.01, 08:48 AM
I finally have an update!

I got the main part of the suspension done and now its a roller. I stretched the wheel base a little than how I origninally had it, and I plan to lower it a bit forom where it sits now. The flex is awesome! I was only able to snap 2 pics this morning, but I will try to get some more later.

I also got a Novak ESC that is small enough to fit under the hood. As I wire it up I am working on a skid plate and a cage for it.

2008.03.04, 03:04 PM
Started work on the cage. Still needs some work, but you can see how it will kinda look when it's done.

And I burnt out my drive servo when testing it out. The HS-55 servos don't work with anything over 6V! Don't forget that! I guess I need to get a new servo now.

I can't wait for the tires to get here, I have been dying for some larger, softer tires, and I think I found some.

2008.03.04, 03:28 PM
Lookin good dude. Where'd you end up getting your tires?

2008.03.04, 03:55 PM
There is an ebay store that sells 1/24 diecast models, and the rims and tires for them. I found some that are soft, others are rock solid plastic. Here is a pic of them:

Just like the super swampers, but bigger and wider. Not as wide as the Iroks, but they are softer!

2008.03.04, 08:44 PM
hey looks good. are you sure that those tires are soft? because i found like 10 of those on ebay and none of them say anything about being soft. they are made by the same company as the iroks and come on the same models.

2008.03.09, 07:30 PM
I got the driveshafts and cvds finished, and the transfer case is complete! I got the new wheels mounted, and they look great. I added a little more to the cage too.Tell me what you think.

Also, if you have not checked out www.minirccrawler.com , be sure to join over there too!

2008.03.12, 06:58 AM
Kel, How are those new tires as far as compound?

Its looking really good. My only complaint is the cage looks too tall, especially in the front. Maybe once you get the hood and all on, it will look better. I cant wait to see a vid ;)

2008.03.12, 12:03 PM
Wow, what a project... I have a Clod based scale CJ8 crawler that I love, but I have been thinking I need something smaller but never thought 1:43 was possible. I'm watching closely, love the swampers!

2008.03.12, 01:51 PM
It's a 1/24 scale I believe.

2008.03.12, 08:51 PM
It's a 1/24 scale I believe.

I think it is the Revell '77 Jeep cj-7. I have like 4 of them, lol. This is really a cool build you have here. I liked the Aoshima tires from the HIlux better though. Great work on everything - really innovative.

2008.03.13, 07:37 AM
you're right Greekone, I had dnano on the brain....

Dnano dnano...

2008.03.13, 11:06 AM
I think I lied, that doe snot look like a Revell body. I must have missed what kind it was - or was it not stated?

2008.03.13, 01:19 PM
May be an AMT "Daisy Duke" Jeep kit? Would be cool to see a portal hub in this scale, even for a 1/10 clod based crawler that is tricky to do. The portal hubs are like what is used on the Unimog trucks for example.

CLICKY! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_gear)

2008.03.14, 01:49 PM
HammerZ-it is the Daisy Duke Jeep model

Thanks for all the compliments!
I switched to the HS-81 in back, way more torque than the HS-55. The cage just looked high without the hood on. Here are some updated pics:
Tons of ground clearnace!
The flex shots!

More to come!

2008.03.19, 10:06 AM
Damn that is cool looking. Where are you going to hide the running gear though? What batts and receiver you gunna run? Did you simply remove the stops in the drive servo?

Lots of ?'s for ya. ;)

2008.03.20, 03:31 PM
The servo will have to stay where it is, I may disguise it somehow,like a fuel tank or tool box. As for the elecs, I'm going to hardwire everything so it fits under the hood. I'm running a Micro-T battery and a Novak Spy, I pulled the receiver from a rc18t. All I had to do to turn the servo into a drive motor was cut off the limiters on the gear and take the metal sensors out of the pot.

I was running it for a long time today and broke a front link, but it was fun till it broke!

2008.03.24, 06:41 PM
The servo will have to stay where it is, I may disguise it somehow,like a fuel tank or tool box. As for the elecs, I'm going to hardwire everything so it fits under the hood. I'm running a Micro-T battery and a Novak Spy, I pulled the receiver from a rc18t. All I had to do to turn the servo into a drive motor was cut off the limiters on the gear and take the metal sensors out of the pot.

I was running it for a long time today and broke a front link, but it was fun till it broke!

Hmm, forgot that you can remove the limiters. I have built a scale chassis out of brass as I am a modeller at heart. After I have spent tons of time on it I began to think on how I could get it to run. But I built it too scale and nothing would work for the drivetrain. So, it remains a static model.

I really love your build though. Makes me want to buy one and play with it.