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2008.02.16, 01:21 AM
Although you've seen many updates on Sinister lately, TGR was not only dealing Sinister but a new car as well which we were planning to announce in Toy Fair.

Our new car called S2 and is a great option for the racers who like to race ball link cars. As you already know Sinister is a plate suspension car which creates consistent suspension and on the other hand needs detailed setup. However S2 is a more trivial car with a great rear traction and easily adjustable front end caster which creates reactive camber on the turns.

Addition of TGR Belt drive and multi offset knuckles makes this chasis a top notch racing machine.

Moreover S2 has 94RM,98RM and 98MM options.

May be you've already seen in it in many racing web sites but here is picture from TGR.

Hope you'll like it.


2008.02.16, 01:24 AM
And more pic for the detail for front and rear

2008.02.16, 02:25 AM
looks very nice wolf,cant wait to give it a run:D

2008.02.16, 02:30 PM
When will the S2 be available?

Can we run a normal ball diff if we want instead of the belt drive differiential?


2008.02.16, 03:07 PM
the spacing on the rear mounts should be the same as a normal ball diff(belt drive fits mr02 without modification):)

2008.02.18, 01:10 AM
Will the Sinister car remain or is this a replacement for the sinister?

I do hope the Sinister will remain! ( I have recently bought one!!)

2008.02.18, 06:33 AM
Sinister is and will be in production.
S2 is a alternative car with a different suspension type.

S2 is still on alpha test. We have excess rear traction problem at the moment which causes the car understeer. We are working at the rear end to make it stiffer. Afterwards it will go to beta testing to team drivers. We think there is still 1-2months before the release.

2008.10.06, 03:21 PM
ant new news on the s2?