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2008.02.16, 08:16 AM
Hi all.
This is my anti fatigue mat track that I use indoors at home
The room I use is not big so quite restricted on layouts,but it is a real blast all the same.
The main problem usually with anti fatigue mat tracks is how to make barriers that work.The sytem I use seems to work quite well,it's made of foam so it won't damage the cars,they are strong and I used the shiny side of the foam so the cars tend to glance off them.
The barriers on the track have evolved over the past few months until I have now found a way of doing them that really works well.The barriers themselves have been cut from tiles in strips of an inch.Essentially each barrier is two strips of the foam glued together back to back.Each barrier also has six pieces of wooden tongue depressors (large lolly sticks) sandwiched at regular intervals.These wooden pieces extend below the barrier so they slot into slots cut in the track mat.The barrier is then glued to the track tile or outside border.
Gluing it all together is really the key to making the track work well.At first I was just plugging the barrier into the tile/border,but eventually,the cars will knock them out and the slots wear so they get knocked out at the slightest touch.
I used superglue to glue it all together as it really bonds well with the foam (actually started smoking in places!).But I used a LOT of glue,I am on my second 50g bottle.However,I think PVA will stick it just as well and is a lot cheaper.I am just impatient and like it to set instantly.
Not every tile has a barrier attached to it as you still need blank ones as well.
Hopefully these pics will explain it better than I have tried to do already.

Above an below show a tile with barrier and a border with barrier.

This one below is a close up of barrier glued to a tile.

This is the first circuit I tried last night.However I quickly realised it was too complicated.Have found that if you keep the layout simple when in a small area,it's a lot more fun.Complicated circuits are too slow in a small area.

This is what we settled for in the end.Really just an L shape.But it was fun.With a mini z you can really position the car well for a good line through the corners.This is where tha xmod fails to deliver,just not enough control to sweep around the circuit smoothly.

Well there's my track.Let me know what you think.
Believe me,if you think your addicted know,wait till you have a track to actually drive you cars on.Makes me a bit dizzy at 2 in the morning after 5 hours playing.Just don't want to stop!
Incase you think you are having deja vu,I have posted this on another forum also!


2008.02.18, 07:56 AM
Hey Steve,
this looks good man!!
Also nice is the way you made it a modular system with the triangle pieces to make different radius curves. How much did you pay for the EVA foam tiles per m2, I cant find them below 20 Euro per m2 and thats still about 66% the price of 30 type RCP per m2. So to make it really worth building DIY I look for cheaper EVA.
Have fun racing,

2008.02.18, 12:49 PM
Thanks for the complement.
I can't take credit for the triangle pieces as it was someone elses idea I pinched from another forum.
I think I paid around 30-35 for the first 16 tiles I bought from ebay.Then bought another 8 for somewhere in the region of 20.Thats with the cost of postage.
It's cost about 50 so far,which is quite a bit,but worth every penny.
Can't get RCP,or I can't find it at least,in the UK,but these tiles seem fine to me.
They come in packs of eight and I have no idea of the metres squared figure.However they are 24inches X 24inches each tile.

Good luck.

Red Team
2008.02.18, 02:18 PM
Yea Steve, the track looks great indeed...can you give us a link on the ebay, please ! Or a name to search for them..thanks !

2008.02.18, 02:55 PM
Great track and post thanks for giving away your trick for hoilding in place the barriers. I have been trying for a long time to keep them in place but have not come up with a good solution! You are right i have been running my mini z for about 4 years now and don't have a Mini z scene were i live at all but I don't care I love running them on my own track for hours on end!! I hope some day some people in my area will be intrested in racing them. I'll post pic's of my home set-up as soon as i get a chance.

Thanks again

2008.02.18, 09:26 PM
Great post, Wight. I also use the same foam pad material for my basement track! They're pretty fun and offer flexibility in track layout that a RCP track cannot. Here's a photo of my track:


2008.02.19, 07:36 AM
Sweet track!! how many tiles is that?

2008.02.19, 08:08 AM
I think it was around 65 tiles in total (and a whole lot of masking tape...hehee)

2008.02.19, 12:29 PM
That looks amazing.
I'd love to be able to have a basement like that.
Would be great to have something that you could leave assembled so you race anytime.
At the moment I set up and pack up every time I use it.
May have to think about doing something in the roof.

2008.02.19, 03:14 PM
Hi, do you have an ebay, link or company name. I cant find these.
Good thing too is they are the right size for a not so big layout.

2008.03.04, 01:07 PM
280205403816 try that one,i have these mats too and this is what i bought.
I haven't got around to sticking the barriers in yet tho.
this was our last setup,I also nicked the 45* corner idea! :-D

2008.03.04, 03:18 PM
Hi thanks!!
Found it and immediately asked for shipping info.
This is the way to go!
Two packs of the stuff will give more than enough possibilities I assume, but I see you used 1 pack of 24, which already gives a considerable track layout.

2008.03.06, 06:02 PM
no local tracks?

I like the basement track! Looks like fun going around that thing!

2008.03.12, 09:11 PM
Now that is a sweet setup! I really wish I could have a house with a basement to do something like that. You are a lucky man.

2008.03.16, 03:06 PM
Hows the grip on these tiles is it the same grip as the rcp tracks or do you have to change your tires ??Looks great..

2008.03.16, 03:53 PM
Hows the grip on these tiles is it the same grip as the rcp tracks or do you have to change your tires ??Looks great..

Theres less grip. Your gonna have to change your setup if your going from one surface to the other

2008.03.17, 12:41 AM
I went to walmart today and got some tiles from were they have there home gym stuff setup they were called high impact flooring..17.95 pack 2'x2' the front side was loose but turned them upside down and it worked great.Haven't setup a full track yet just through them together real quick to see if it would work.I will post some pictures tommorrow have to get to work now..

2008.03.19, 11:45 PM
Ok heres what I got and it works great.

2008.03.20, 02:27 AM
I think it was around 65 tiles in total (and a whole lot of masking tape...hehee)

Nice track, do you go to ZZHobby?

2008.03.20, 08:08 AM
Hi pchan, I do sometimes go to ZZhobby for parts, yes. Haven't visit their track at the new store yet though. Probably gonna drop by later on when James's back from HK.


2008.03.20, 08:12 AM
Josparky, your foam track looks great. Like the layout as well.