View Full Version : Mini Speedway Open House Was Great!

2008.02.17, 02:35 PM
Last Friday, February 15th was the Open House in the 4-story building where I have the Mini Speedway track. The building is filled with artists, musicians and crafts people as well as my RC plane manufacturing biz, plus the Mini Speedway!.

The official hours were 6PM to 9PM but we had people until at least 11PM.

In addition to a slightly larger than Wide-L layout for people to try running 2-minute races. We had Groovesquad Live, a local improvisational electronica band, Lena, a local artist who painted live and John Shlick, my partner in Schlick Cycles showing our excellent Performance Cruiser bicycle.

In addition I had my Pole Camera setup at a 12 foot height, just a few inches short of the ceiling to take remote photos from on high. Here are a few.


Here you can see Lena's painting in progress.


A view with part of the track and a couple of MR-01s running. I had a Kyosho ECO motor in one and used a Firelap transmitter in the other with the throttle limited to about %50 which made the car the same speed as the ECO. Decent speed for folks who have not tried RC cars before.


more of the track.


My son, wife, me mt buddy Steve and John Schlick from Schlick Cycles.


General overview.


Another over view shot.


The Overland Demo Course. Thought I had some pix with vehicles but I guess not.


My 9-year old daughter demoing a Mini Cooper. She was a great spokes person showing people how the cars work and getting the transmitter in people's hands. Thanks, Syd!


John Schlick showing one of our Schlick Shark frames. We also had a couple fo complete bikes set up including one on a wind trainer for folks to try.


A shot of Lena in action.

Over all we had a couple of hundred peole come through. It was an interesting crowd as many of the people were in the building to see specific artists but I think a lot of them came away with a better understanding of Mini Speedway and RC car racing. Hope we get a few of them to become regulars. I gave out first race free cards so I hope to see some of those come back!