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2008.02.18, 06:17 PM
Hi all.
Seeing the thread for the upcoming Kyosho dnano I did a search for other 1/43rd scale rc's.Then noticed the 1-43 link button in the sidebar!
I did not realise you could get this scale already in the form of Mtech Epoch indoor racers.
Looks like I may have found them too late though as they seem t be out of production.
Anyway,Epoch cars still seem available from 1 or 2 places,and at what I think look to be quite a reasonable price,so I may get one to see what it's like.They look alright to me from what I can make out.I only use my mini z's and xmods at home anyway so I thought a proportional car in this scale may be fun.Could even build a smaller foam track for it.
Anyone still using these Epoch cars who are active on this forum?Do you think they are still worth buying?
The 1-43 site has not really had much activity for a while,do you think the advent of the dnano could change that?Or will there be another section on this forum for them?Seems to be quite some excitement about them.
1/43 sems to be quite a good scale for indoor home fun,but are they as much fun as a 1/28th?
I know the Epoch's seem to be a dying breed,therefore I am wondering wether to get one before thay all dissappear,or just spend the money on more mini'z goodies?


2008.02.18, 06:59 PM
S, we've got a huge stockpile of Epochs and parts, so we'll be supporting them for a long time to come. We also race them on a regular basis at the Dojo - they're a blast! The D-Nano will trounce the Epoch in terms of features, and most likely in hop-ups and 3rd party support, however, its cost is also likely to dwarf the Epoch's handily. Epochs are great fun to race, esp. because they tend to be quite evenly matched (vs. Mini-Zs whose tunability means that someone who puts a lot of money into their car is going to have a significant advantage over someone running stock). The D-Nano will be in a class of its own. For the scenario you describe, it sounds like the Epoch may even be a better match. Hop on http://epoch1-43.com/ if you have more questions about the Epoch, or, to answer your question RE D-Nano forums, these live at our cross-scale forum TinyRC.com, and can be conveniently accessed at http://d-nano.org. Thanks! :)

2008.03.18, 10:44 AM
Forget the Micro-T addiction, I think these Dnano's will be even more severely addictive. Thank's a lot Kyosho, you've destroyed my wallet yet again! Curse you! LOL! Seariously, these Dnano's are amazing and a MUST have!