View Full Version : Anyone have info on when Tower Hobbies will actually ship 02m?

Hawk Itch
2008.02.19, 12:36 AM
Has anyone received one from Tower Hobbies? Tower just updated the expected stock date from late February to late March. I see they have some 02m parts in stock now which is a good sign.

Red Team
2008.02.19, 01:30 AM
I think they update this date for a year now...I don't get any hopes on this...better buy one form their shop representative here: Fangel !

2008.02.19, 05:02 AM
I don't have to confirmation of date, so I can not represent their company.
I would agree with Red Team, it's already a long wait, you would enjoy it better if you receive it earlier.

Hawk Itch
2008.03.23, 11:53 PM
Tower updated the expected stock date from late March to late April. eeeeehhhhhh.....

Red Team
2008.03.24, 10:16 AM
The same old story...;)

2008.03.25, 04:12 AM
This is the same story, that is why we have been telling people to buy from us.
We have been selling iwaver 02M for 2 years. Not only this but we have also have 2 revision of the product (2007 -> 2008)

plane insane rc
2008.04.11, 12:06 PM
Hi Hawk,
My name is Ryan with Plane Insane RC. We are going to start carrying the iWaver cars. We have a few in stock now at http://www.planeinsanerc.com/PlaneInsane.php?PageID=49
We will also be stocking parts soon and our prices will be comparable to Tower.

2008.04.13, 09:38 PM
Hi Ryan,
I'm looking forward to some working relationship with you.