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Mini Z GT
2002.05.14, 09:58 PM
Hey sup pplz i made a team of 3 min z racers so far including me. hehehe were are new but we'll get more advanced as we practice and upgrade our cars. For more info the webpage is (http://miniz.moonfruit.com) Its still under construction so please becarful :) thanx.

2002.05.15, 05:54 AM
nice site! very attractive layout....

Mini Z GT
2002.05.15, 06:56 AM
thanx, I added your site to our site. So can you add ours to yours?

2002.05.15, 01:57 PM
sure... i'm doing that now... :D

2002.05.15, 03:00 PM
Nice site dude! But quite slow loading here...

And shouldn´t ( FORMS ) be ( FORUMS ) or something?

Otherwise a really good start :D

Mini Z GT
2002.05.15, 07:55 PM
lol carp i didn't notice that its gonna be fixed now. :)

2002.05.16, 11:35 AM
and i DID like your F1 pic in the background, not this Babylon 5 stuff... Please, go back to F1.

2002.06.11, 04:26 PM
sweet, i had to get out my specs to read the writing, but hey it's all good:p