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2008.02.20, 01:41 AM
3D RC RACING, The 1/28th -1/24th scale computer game has been released.
Get the FREE DEMO or BUY and download the Retail version of the game now from HTTP://WWW.3DRCRACING.COM. The Retail version is only $29.95.

YOU CAN NOW RACE ANYONE ONLINE in 1/28 scale!!!!!! With the Retail version on tracks that you created or use one of the tracks that comes with the game.

The FREE DEMO comes with three tracks to race on so you can get the feel of the game.
The Retail version comes with 7 tracks and a track builder so you can make as many tracks as you like and includes the ability to race other people online anytime you like.

The game is very playable using just a keyboard but itís also setup to use any X-Y axes USB controller such as a VRC controller or a USB adapter so you can use your own radio.

The game has a pit area where you can choose your car and set it up buy changing gears and tires. You can also choose your motor, Stock, Mod or ProMod from the race options area.

Buy the Retail versions and start 1/28th -1/24th scale Racing Online NOW!!!!!!


Hereís a screen shot of a track that was made with the advanced editor. (Retail version)


A Screen Shot of a Track In The Game.

DJ Kyosho
2008.02.20, 04:01 PM
I downloaded the demo a few days ago. Everything seems to work (no errors) but when the race starts, the track is all dark and I can't see the cars. I just see an outline of the track. How do I fix this? Thanks.

2008.02.20, 06:47 PM
please use the red hill support forum for problems, red hill will not answer support questions here. i posted this in the announcement at the top of this subforum.

2008.02.25, 01:24 AM
Really shouldn't make it a habbit this, but since the forums are acting up this end at the moment, just to re-confirm: our sound guy had the same issue last time he had to pull a re-install. It was outdated video card drivers. Will stick that in the faq once they stop acting up for me if you'll confirm that that was the issue.

DJ Kyosho
2008.02.26, 07:26 PM
;291659']Really shouldn't make it a habbit this, but since the forums are acting up this end at the moment, just to re-confirm: our sound guy had the same issue last time he had to pull a re-install. It was outdated video card drivers. Will stick that in the faq once they stop acting up for me if you'll confirm that that was the issue.

I had to uninstall the game and reinstall directX 9.0 and finally reinstall the game. It works now. This was answered in the Red Hill Forum, thanks. Sorry arch2b, just answering a question that might help them sort out bugs.

2008.02.27, 02:53 AM
Just wana say thanks, as its my exact same problem, i thought my graphics wasnt supported or something :$.


2008.06.19, 01:24 PM


2008.07.01, 05:15 PM
4th of July celebration! On the 4th of July be sure to grab your copy of 3D RC RACING for just $20.00. Offer ends July 8th 2008!


Sale starts on the 4th of July 2008.

2008.07.17, 01:19 PM
Price drop - 3D RC RACING is now $19.95. Everyone that paid the full retail price of $29.95 will get a coupon for 5$ off on our next title 1/18th scale off-road!

2008.09.09, 04:28 PM
We will be offline for a few to set up the new services and back online shortly. Stay tuned for the new update 1.1.0

2008.09.23, 09:04 AM
A short clip of one new features going into the 3DRC update 1.1


Check out the clip here. (http://www.3drcracing.com/movie/3drcracingdrift.wmv)


2008.10.02, 09:56 AM
New Update 3DRCR 1/28th 1.1.0 has been rolled out.

This update 1.1 contains new vehicles, fixes, and a new main feature drifting.
See the full list here: 3DRCR 1.1 log (http://www.3drcracing.com/racing/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=9)

Stay tuned for more updates. Add your comments on our Red Hill Games forums.

New DEMO has online multiplayer! Download the demo from our main page at http://www.3drcracing.com

To update to 1.1 please download from your store account. It is the same link you previously downloaded from when first purchasing 3DRCR. Uninstall your old version 1.0 and reinstall 1.1.

A small note about what’s next.
Now In development is 3DRCR 1/18th scale off-road.

Thanks for supporting 3DRCR


2008.10.07, 11:00 AM
Sorrry arch, I couldn't find the support thread in the forum so I'm asking here if you dont' mind.
I've got this VRC controller from a 1/10 scale 3D racing game. I didn't like that game much but I'm interested in this Mini-Z based game. Can I use this yellow VRC controller with this game?
And do you guy's take Paypal for purchasing the game on line?

By the way, the drifting looked pretty cool but the demo played no sound. Is this supposed to be the MA010 chassis and are their hop-ups for that as well?
Will we be able to select our own upgrades and choose differently styled wheels? What about color choices?

2008.10.08, 01:20 AM
The Support Forum is at http://www.redhillgames.com/support/ and yes the VRC controller should work for you, it worked for me with v1.0 but I donít know about v1.1.

2008.10.08, 10:38 AM
Thank you, I'm sure if it works for the first version, it will work for the second version. I can't imagine why it wouldn't it.

2008.12.16, 12:14 AM
Yes sir it works..

Check out the latest in controller tech for a low price you can be up and running in no time.

Controllers (http://www.3drcracing.com/racing/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=2)

2009.06.24, 06:16 PM
We are updating the demo as well as the retail version of 3D RC RACING to 1.1.2

Around the end of August this year we will be rolling out 1.2.0

A ton of fixes and new features have been added including LAN play. We are still working on the configuration data sheet and will be showcasing some of the new changes in the car setup area.

Stay tuned.


Davey G
2012.02.04, 08:38 PM
Can I manually map an existing USB controller to this game? If so please explain how, I am having a tough time with mine.


2012.02.04, 08:52 PM
Yes. But only for axis. Not for buttons.

Davey G
2012.02.06, 09:55 AM
OK, I ended up rewiring the guts anyway. Thanks for the reply.

Davey G
2012.02.08, 06:43 AM
Love this game. Im addicted! Guys you really need to get a USB controller and try this, its so much fun!

2012.02.08, 07:11 AM
I wonder if the team kept the physics model that I tuned? It'd be nice to have the seal of approval from Davey G. :)

Davey G
2012.02.08, 06:31 PM
hotlap so far for me is a 13.1 on the 2008 pn layout!

2012.02.08, 08:47 PM
I have been looking but I have found no where to purchase the full game to get a registration code.

2012.02.14, 03:09 AM
Its free now, you just have to register on the site and the download will be the full version. I have been getting a few complaints that sometimes in installs the tracks don't install right (purple fog), so if you have to replace the missions folder.


I will see about possibly getting the master server up again so you can do online racing without putting the direct IP of the race you want to connect to. Don't hold your breath though.

Davey G
2012.02.14, 09:53 AM
hotlap so far for me is a 13.1 on the 2008 pn layout!

Down to a 13.08 in stock.

Now on to MOD.