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2008.02.23, 11:04 AM
Hi all.
Just recieved a second hand mr01 which has an x-speed motor V fitted.
Is this safe in an mr01,or am I better off fitting a standard motor in it?As far as I am aware it has the standard fets.


2008.02.23, 03:57 PM
x-speed on mr-01 with 3004 fets is just fine - I have one using that motor.

2008.02.23, 10:26 PM
X speed or the stock motor can both burn out fets if you abuse it. That is pushing down on it against a wall and trying to run it. Just normal running it should be safe. The only difference is the X speed is tuned for better low end tourqe. Both top out about the same speed.

Iwaver did at one time had there version of the X speed (that was labled as an X speed). It may be tuned a little hot for the stock fets. the above applies as long as the motor is a Kyosho X Speed, and not the Iwaver X speed.

I believe yours is the Kyosho with the "Motor V" part added.

2008.02.24, 05:31 AM
Thanks guy's.
Yes it is the Kyosho one.I am using it at the moment with a 6 tooth pinion,I would assume that a bigger pinion would mean more current draw?
Ran it last night and there is a definate boost in acceleration compared to my standard motor cars.On my small home track makes it feel faster all round,I guess because it reaches top speed quicker.
The mr01 does not handle it so well and was lifting a front wheel and sometimes rolling on the hairpin,runnin an F40,so quite wide.
Thanks for the help.