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2002.05.15, 06:56 AM
wassup guys from sydney???? if ur interested of racing mini-zs, me and other 5 guys will be racing at OFFICE WORKS carpark at CUMBERLAND HWY. we'll be there around 8:30pm. we usually race there during da week, da surface is pretty good, grippy!!!
so if u guys r interested juss turn up. crystals is not a problem we got a few spare so 6-7 or even more can race at d same time.

heres da info again.....

(next to mcdonalds and ampol petrol station)

time: 8:30pm

see u guys there!!!!!

2002.05.15, 12:32 PM
Shucks!! I know me and my bro would love to .... but we live in California. So why and the heck am I posting here!?!? I dont know .. . Just wish someone would say , hey I live in NoCal and if you want to race just show up with your mini-z and a 40oz

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2002.05.15, 04:48 PM
dammit , I will be working then , otherwise I would love to come along ...please let us know next time you are doing it.

Just out of curiosity - what type of tires do you find suit this surface best?

Do you have to ask officeworks for pernission to use the carpark ?


my mini-z skyline with lights (http://www.angelfire.com/clone/miniz/lights.html)

2002.05.16, 12:31 AM
laminaleigh... u workin at nite tym???? remember its at 8:30 at nite!!! no need for permission, its all good, we're not wreckin anything we juss havin some fun. even da nite security is enjoying watchin us!!! eheheehhehe!!!

im using kyosho 30 deg tyres on my Z, but stock tyres is good enough, most of my friends juss using da stock ones. no problems wit it, its all good!!!


2002.05.16, 07:29 AM
yeah unfortunatly I do work a mixture of afternoon shift and day shift. I work a real mixture of times. Every 3rd Friday night I work till 11pm. This Friday I will be working , next Friday I will be in Melbourne. The Friday after I should be able to make it no problem.
Is the officeworks car park indoors or outdoors. There is an officeworks with an indoor car park right near Luchiano and I ...might be worth us checking that out sometime :-)
So what set up/format do you use on your race nights? do you lay out a proper track ? Would love to hear about it. :-)

Luchiano - are you keen to go along and check it out sometime?.. in 2 weeks I can drive us there if you wanna go :-) In the mean time I might check out Officeworks on Parramatta Rd. I know the car park is indoors , I'm sure they would lock it up when they close though. Although it is pretty big. Maybe they would let us use a small portion of it during the early evening when they are open and dont get very busy ? Would be nice to have somewhere to go that was indoors during the winter :-)


2002.05.17, 03:26 PM
Did you get my reply to your email ??
The carpark at officework on paramatta rd is locked during night time, they will probably let you use it b4 it closes but I dont think they will let you setup a proper track there !:confused:
I'm keen to go if you are :D
But I'm also more keen to setup a track at Newtown North public school, cumberland Highway its a bit far off.

And ye, your movie link dont work, nice car thought !!!
hmmm, light on an F1 car ??? I dont think i will be doing that anytime soon !!

2002.05.28, 10:27 AM
are you guys racing this coming friday night ? ..I would be definatly interested in coming and having a look. I might not race this week but am keen to check it out.