View Full Version : Report: Mini Speedway OLPS Season 5 Races 3 and 4

2008.02.24, 09:33 PM
We had the Season 5 races for the OLPS at Mini Speedway today and had a super time. It was just Michael, Dave and I again so we are still looking for more participants who would like to race really fun, detailed, scale race cars. The commitment to the OLPS series is fairly minimal with just one day a month being required and just 2 x 8-minute races but the ability to compare your skills to those around the world doing the same kind of racing is fantastic!

Anyway, on with today's report!

Dave had been to the track recently for the open house and while it was a different track layout he seemed to be getting more consistent especially considering he is running an MR-01 in Speed Racer trim! The car is narrow, tippy and exhibits some rear wheel hop. The only mod he's done is to add some sticky tires. After today's race he is talking about an MR-02!

Michael was going well too and he and I had some laps that were door handle to door handle. A few more practice sessions and that Ford GT will be competitive!

So, in the end, I took the day in both races. Race 3 was about what I expected but made a boo-boo when I decided to use my HFAY Spec motored chassis for Race 4 instead of the trusty Stock Ford GT. My HFAY car is still a Ford GT but with just a bit different setup including the HFAY Spec motor. The problem was tires. I ripped them of the rim several times and it cost me about 10 laps or so. I wanted to use the HFAY motor because if I drive it right it is faster and I am at the crossover point from the Stock motor to the HFAY In practice I was running faster laps sometimes with the HFAY motor but consistency suffered so that I was running about the same number of laps with either car.

I did notice that for races 1 and 2 last month I was the fastest Stock motor driver although a couple of guys did not have a motor listed but it is pretty clear that I need to get my HFAY car and driving skills up to snuff.

March's track looks fast and I plan to have it set up several days before the race for practice so come on and race with us!