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2008.02.25, 04:42 AM
What a great turnout yesterday! There was a lovely atmosphere and there was generally a very leisurely feel to the day!

It was cool to see Ry and Jayce busting out their drift cars on the occasion; which brings me onto the racing! Good, no pressure racing all day and some very courteous driving by everyone - thanks! :)

The food was lovely Jayce, shame there wasn't more!!

Thanks again guys - see you soon!!

Thoughts, anyone?


2008.02.25, 06:29 AM
Great day yesterday! Great fun,and who'd have thought Ryan had such drifting talent? lol Tho we both bow to your drifting skills mate! No problem re the food,glad to help :D And i managed (unspecified amount) on HFAY Wooohooooo!!!! Much better than my 30 something last month.Looking forward to next months meet already!

2008.02.25, 06:47 AM
you cant post your hfay results yet lol
glad everything went ok for you guys

2008.02.25, 07:00 AM
Yeah great day guys, really nice to meet you all. Enjoyed it even more seeing as my car actually ran well too..lol... nothing spoils you day more than a car that wont run :mad:
I'll be looking in to getting them cars running Ryan and Mat for you both, and when i get tem running smooth i'll sort out a selling price for you, and i'll use the proceeds from them for getting a drifter on the track ;)
Thanks Jayce for the food, was top nosh!
See you all again soo lads!

EDIT: oh btw Jayce, where did yuou get them wheels? there a bit nice!

Mk2, pm'd you on staffs forum.

2008.02.25, 07:43 AM
you cant post your hfay results yet lol
glad everything went ok for you guys

Whoops! i forgot it is s'posed to be top secret until the correct date.Sorry,but i dont think anyone has anything to worry about with my results lol
Mal i'll send you a PM with where i got them from.

2008.02.25, 07:59 AM
Thanks for the replies all! It all helps get this forum on the move!

It's not a massive deal that you posted your lap count mate, hehe. We just don't so that other people don't have anything to aim for. ;)

2008.02.25, 10:26 AM
wow great day! thanks jason for cooking the food, tasted great! 2 new members aswell!

2008.02.25, 11:23 AM
Forgot to mention Liam, you were dead quick in the HFAY!! Some fast laps indeed. Nice one mate!

2008.02.25, 11:43 AM
thanks! dead chuffed to be in the A-main races- im going to stop crashing now though;)

2008.02.25, 12:08 PM
I noticed you had trouble tracking straight. Perhaps try turning your steering response down a little. That might help you. :)

2008.02.25, 01:08 PM
thanks! dead chuffed to be in the A-main races- im going to stop crashing now though;)
Some very nice driving :-)
You can mate.....i do enough crashing for everyone anyway! :D
I'm not called KrasherKryten for nothing you know!

2008.02.25, 03:04 PM
Hi Guys,
This is my very first post on a forum...ever.
I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, for the good company, the free tuition, the enjoyable racing...ohhh, and those burgers, they were something else. It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you all. I am really looking forward to the next meet already. Thank you.

2008.02.25, 03:09 PM
not only has he joined he's posted!!!!:cool:

2008.02.25, 05:27 PM
Hi Tony glad you enjoyed it,and my burgers:cool: dont worry you'll soon be a forum whizz!

2008.02.29, 07:10 AM
As a Vietnamese woman once said: Peeeektures!

The crew:



TornadoTony, 575Racer, BomberBri:


TornadoTony, Neomax:





575Racer, BomberBri:


Neomax, 575Racer, TornadoTony, BomberBri and RapidRy:


The Track:



PS: Sorry Jayce, the only decent shot I took of you came out blurry!

2008.02.29, 08:19 AM
Cool. some good pics there!
I'll remember to bring my better camera next time, then we'll be able to get some action shots!

2008.02.29, 01:10 PM
lol nice pics! any news on the next meet brian? i think you said last meet you wanted it next week

2008.02.29, 03:01 PM
Great pics,at least my car was a white blur in one of brians pics :D