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2008.02.25, 03:06 PM
Just noticed Tornado Tony signed up for the forum :eek:.......welcome to the fold:)

2008.02.25, 03:21 PM
Thanks Brian. I am struggling a bit with this forum technology, but I'm sure I will get the hang of it...eventually. I have only just got the hang of e-mailing, and I still can't use my mobile telephone properly...but I am trying (so everyone tells me).

2008.02.25, 03:30 PM
lol hi tony! you'll get the hang eventually;)

2008.02.25, 03:42 PM
Hi Liam,
Tom tripped over your grub screw after you left...he said he will being it to the next meet for you.
I was well impressed with your driving skills...you were awsome.

2008.02.25, 03:52 PM
:eek: thank you! i heard from tom, hes buying the whole diff off me now