View Full Version : My MR02 Takata

2008.02.25, 08:22 PM
The link is right HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEI0nqA7sZg) :cool:

2008.02.26, 01:31 AM
Nice vid :D

Set up a few stickers on the floor to make a small track. Use one color sticker for right side, and another for a left side corner. This way you can practice throttle control, and steering around objects that wont hurt the car if you go wide.

I used to race some larger buggies and trucks in gravel with a couple buddies using plastic dots as obstacles. Some of the most fun races I have had with different scales and models in the same scale. The dots worked much better than the garbage cans we were using before. :eek: After a few runs with the 1/10 Tamiya Buggies, the track line was pretty well paved out that the 1/18 scale buggies and trucks ran very well. The competed very close with the 1/10s. It was a blast!

The best thing, is that you can setup tracks for very little cost, as long as you find a suitable surface. That is why I used offroad cars instead of onroad cars, since it expanded where I could race.