View Full Version : My first airbrush paintjob

2008.02.26, 09:21 AM
Dunno if i'm s'posed to post this here,but here goes.......


I'm letting this dry properly overnight and i'll clear coat it tomorrow.:D

2008.02.26, 11:30 AM
Looking good. Is that a metalic paint?

2008.02.26, 11:53 AM
Thanks yes it's tamiya metallic :)

2008.02.26, 12:07 PM
Nice job.
What are you going to use as clear coat?


2008.02.26, 12:25 PM
That's ace. Nice job mate!!

2008.02.26, 03:36 PM
Looking hot...:cool:

2008.02.26, 04:16 PM
Thanks very much guys,you're too kind :D
Wight i'm using tamiya clear coat from the same range as the paint.

2008.02.27, 04:11 PM
Ok here's what it looks like now.
I messed up a bit with the clear and got a few splatters and it looks a bit orange peeley.I'm going to let it dry and see what happens.
I will try to take some better shots tomorrow in the daylight.

2008.02.27, 04:28 PM
looks cool
does the clear look a bit "ghostie" in places?
i had that with mine it goes clearer as it dries

2008.02.27, 04:32 PM
It does a bit in small places,looking closely at the finish it resembles sponging effect

2008.02.27, 05:02 PM
That's real nice! Good work. Can't wait to see it on the track.

2008.02.28, 10:34 AM
The black circled bits aren't reflections....it's where i over sanded,i only did it in 20 second burts with virtually no pressure.
The good news is following advice i'm not wooried now if the clear comes out a bit rough,as wet sanding will sort it :D i have re done the white bits and will post pics later after i've re-done the clear.

2008.02.28, 04:34 PM
I'm not happy with it so i've wetsanded it right back and will re-do it tomorrow.
I'll post pics then.

2008.03.02, 12:21 PM
just a quick update,i messed the 430 up again! and i've got a stinking cold (man flu!) so i'll pick this up again when i feel a bit better :)

2008.03.02, 03:57 PM
Ahh sorry to here that Jayce, just wondering what compressor are you using?

And is it a dual action airbrush?

Im looking into getting a new setup as my old one was only really good for simple paintjobs.

If you dont mind sending us a pm or somehting with the links id much apprieciate it.

Thanks, Chris

2008.03.03, 12:13 PM
I'll be clear coating tonight and will post pics tomorrow.
I also painted the VDSII and ryan has finally done his enzo! I'll post all three tomorrow. Good or bad! :D

2008.03.04, 04:12 PM
Still not happy with it entirely but it's gonna get used as a track body so it'll probably be wrecked soon anyway :p I'm sure this car doesn't wanna be blue!

I also finished the vds (almost) just needs another clear coat.

2008.03.04, 04:18 PM
I'm loving that 430!! I like how you matched it to the wheels and nuts.

I look forward to seeing the VDS end result. Mine arrives tomorrow! (well, it better) hehe.

2008.03.04, 06:03 PM
Thanks tom,the wheels really do go well with the body that colour. i dunno why the pics are so crap maybe i'll try some daylight ones tomorrow.

Over all i learned a lot from painting this body (mostly what NOT to do lol) so i'm just going to keep practicing until i can get it right first time.

2008.03.05, 05:38 AM
Practice makes perfect! :D

2008.03.06, 04:46 PM
I wasn't happy with the VDS,so it's white again lol gonna try something and will post when done.:D

2008.03.07, 03:41 AM
Have anything in mind?

2008.03.07, 05:55 AM
I'm going to try to do a multi colour fade,it'll either look brill or crap lol

2008.03.07, 12:11 PM
I finished painting the VDS and when ryan saw it he got me to paint his enzo too :D lol


2008.03.08, 08:43 AM
Blimmmey, that's nice!!! Great job!!

2008.03.08, 06:08 PM
Thanks :D and i never messed up the clear this time! Hopefully will have finished pics in a few days when the clear has dried properly and has been polished.

2008.03.09, 01:10 AM
I can't wait to see the finished things... With windows and wheels, etc.

2008.03.09, 07:50 AM
OMG Kyrten, they are sick man, might have to give you one of my shells ;)
Proper top job mate!
If you want a few tips taking pictures i might be able to help, i'm a bit of the amature photogapher myself, what camera do you have, and does it have a manual setting?
One tip with the clear coats, put on loads! as when the paint underneath gets scratched, trying to patch it up is near impossible, so the more clear coats, the better chance of not getting chips!

2008.03.09, 11:33 AM
Thanks neomax,i use the wife's phone camera it's a sony ericsson k800i.
I put two coats of clear on these two shells,so maybe i'll do another couple of coats.
If you want a body painting let me know,i'll do it for ya for nowt!(club members only) :D

2008.03.09, 11:45 AM
Ooo... I might take you up on that one day after seeing those hoooootttt bodies.

I didn't know how much clear to put on myself - I just knew I needed a lot. I think I did about 12 coats for my VDS. Very fine coats though. Just to give you an idea. :)

2008.03.09, 01:01 PM
No worries mate,services are free to club members ;) i just noticed i have no more clear left,so i'll have to finish them tomorrow when i get some more.

2008.03.09, 03:30 PM
That'd be wicked Kryten mate, thank you. Though at least let me cover costs, for paint and stuff!
With regards to the pictures, try setting it down on something stable, use the timer, then it will have time to stablise before it shoots, and set it to 'night mode' this will make it use a higher ISO setting which will get better results and more detail!
If you try using 'night mode' and shooting from your hands, it will probably blurr.

2008.03.09, 04:30 PM
That sounds fair to me :) i'll try the settings you said and see if i can take some better pics. I also dropped you a PM on another matter. :D

2008.03.10, 01:16 PM
Hi Jayce, re No worries mate,services are free to club members ;)...I have a feeling that all members will turn up at the next meeting with at least 6 white bodies each :D

2008.03.10, 01:51 PM
:D lol maybe i should state 1 body per club member! or maybe 1 per month;)

2008.03.10, 03:04 PM
Lol! After those top notch paint jobs I might have to get another VDS!! ;)

2008.03.10, 03:08 PM
hehehehe looks like i'm gonna be a busy boy then! :D

2008.03.10, 03:28 PM
Lol... Well if you don't mind - when I do eventually get a new body, I'll cover the paint expenses.

2008.03.10, 05:35 PM
jayce i want my 575gtc painted glossy black:eek: dem carz hawt! ill pay for paint, it needs a new spoiler aswell though:( ill talk on msn to you later/tomorow

2008.03.10, 06:29 PM
No problem lee,Though i think you fellas are gonna have to start to form an orderly cue :p I think it'll be 3 per body for the paint etc.....and as i mentioned before airbrush services are free to club members.:D

2008.03.10, 06:55 PM
Quick update i've done more clear and i just need to let it set enough to wetsand and polish.Hopefully they'll be ready for sunday.

Mal i cant seem to find a night mode setting on the camera.I did find a setting to change to fine and i tried a couple to see.I'm thinking maybe daylight would be better,so i'll do a couple tomorrow.

2008.03.11, 11:30 AM
tom and mal can go before me, i want to keep mine red for abit:p

2008.03.11, 11:38 AM
I'm in no rush either. :)

2008.03.11, 12:55 PM
Lol maybe i won't be so bsuy after all! :)

2008.03.18, 02:15 PM
Finally finished the VDS (except for decals which are being made-courtesy of Tony/Tom)


2008.03.18, 04:03 PM
Awsome job mate :eek:

Tom is...I understand...working on the decals designs. As soon as he is finished i will get them made up for you ;)

2008.03.18, 06:06 PM
Thanks Tony....on both counts :D

2008.03.19, 10:50 AM
Your pictures don't do it justice!! You need a super duper camera to capture it's beauty!!

I am working on the decals, yeah.

2008.03.19, 02:27 PM
Thanks Tom, I never remember to take pics in daylight :o i should've asked mal to do a few snaps at the GTG,maybe i'll get him to snap the enzo(my new one...not ryan's) that i'm working on now.No rush on the decals mate,i'll get them next meet.

2008.03.19, 06:37 PM
Hey Jayce, i just got a new shell that i wouldn't mind you having a spash at with yer wicked painting skills please mate, its a Nascar truck!
Goes on the converted F1s, not sure what scheme i want yet, i'm going to do a bit of research and see what the styles are! i'll let you know ;)
Oh yeah, it's one of those you paint from the inside, ya reckon you could still do that ok?

2008.03.19, 07:03 PM
If it's the same size as that one you showed us last meet it shouldn't be a problem as it's not very deep so should be able to get the airbrush in there ok.
I suppose it depends on your chosen paint scheme,when you figure out the style/colours you want and it wont need a perfect clearcote as it's being painted from the inside :D. Lmk when you decide and we'll discuss it further then. Bri sent me a link for the conversion kit and i like the pick up version too.So if i get one i'll have a bash at that first and see what you think.

2008.03.20, 05:37 AM
If your doing a lexan shell you should pick up some lexan/polycarbonate paint, its a bit more flexable and doesnt chip off in crashes etc...

It also doent require clearcoat as the plastic acts as a clear

2008.03.20, 08:03 PM
Righty then Jayce mate, i've been looking and found this one i like, go to google and search in images for
2004 Toyota Tundra NASCAR
and its the first one you will see, now obviously i'll sort the decals, but do you reckon that paint scheme is possible? i know its a little technical, but even something maybe near to that?!?
With that said, i do like that one but i'm thinking maybe something totally different! still thinking :p

2008.03.20, 08:52 PM
The black and silver should be straight forward enough,just some carefull masking. The red flashes i'm not too sure about,or would they be decals?
I think i could probably do the black flashes in the silver,i'll have a practice tomorrow on a piece of scrap plastic.

EDIT: looking at it more,as long as i can mask the entire inside of the body i think i could do all three main colours,i'll pm you with my idea.