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2008.02.26, 06:44 PM
Intercontinental Racing using 3D RC Racing

It works, Monday morning I raced jorno_be another mini-z racer.com member who was racing from Belgium and I was racing from up state NY in the USA and the server that was hosting the race was in Texas.

Intercontinental Mini RC Racing is here now and works great. We now know that racing between Europe and the US works and I’ll update the thread as soon as we find out what other continents that it is possible to race between.

Who knows maybe some time in the future we’ll be able to get Red Hill Games to sponsor a true world cup race with racers from around the world all racing from there computers at the same time in cyberspace.

Here’s a quote from jorno_be from our chat in the 3D RC Racing lobby.
(Quote) jorno_be: it is so realistic that i got sweaty hands (Quote)

jorno_be I had a blast racing you I hope we can do it again soon. We just have to figure out how to meet up because your 6 time zones away from me.