View Full Version : Earthquake!!!

2008.02.26, 06:59 PM
Wow!!!! did anyone else feel that?

2008.02.26, 07:06 PM
erm yup!!!!!!!
im at bloody work too lol 2 stories up

2008.02.26, 07:14 PM
Freaky stuff! we dont normally get quake's in the uk.Tho in the 02 one i was living in a 3rd floor flat.The ground shook like mad here........two floors up must have been interesting!! lol

2008.02.26, 07:18 PM
it was mad watching all the desks and chairs move:eek:

2008.02.26, 07:18 PM
Same here in Stafford making me even more scared... I was watching Shaun of the dead on ITV2

2008.02.26, 07:24 PM
Matt,i know what you mean i was sitting here watching the whole room wobble evrything on the shelves and my monitor started to dance!

Bri LOL thought they were coming for ya? How long did it take to peel yerself off the ceiling?

2008.02.26, 09:44 PM
Just saw that on MSN... was wondering if the Stafford crew survived the aftermath! :D

2008.02.27, 02:27 AM
I didn't feel a thing!? What time did this happen?

2008.02.27, 02:31 AM
it was 12.55-1am

2008.02.27, 05:07 AM
I was still awake then. Can't believe I never felt anything!! It was our biggest in 20 years too; measuring a whopping 5.3 on the ricta scale!! :eek:

2008.02.27, 05:20 AM
That is strange tom even bri felt it you sure you never fell asleep? lol

2008.02.27, 08:19 AM
I probably did then. I was in bed at 1... :(

2008.02.27, 11:40 AM
eek, i was asleep- no idea it was that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrgghh my cars are in 1 piece though- ill still be in hfay:cool:

2008.02.27, 06:42 PM
Yeah i felt it, i was painting my CJ5 shell at the time...lol, paused for a sec while the tremor passed, Tash said "what was that?:confused:" to which i replied "oh it'll be an earthquake!:rolleyes:" and carried on with my painting...lolol
When we had the other one a few years ago i felt that one too:eek:, so i'm kinda getting used to them:cool:

2008.02.27, 10:09 PM
If you think 5's are bad, you should feel what a 6.5 and 7 feels like. Living here in California, you experience a great deal of shaking. Funny, you never get used to them. They always sneak up on you when your least expecting them. I hate when they come at night. There not too bad when you are awake. We haven't had a good one in awhile. Here in California, we are due.:mad: