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2008.02.26, 09:00 PM
My local hobby store has a few of these new 2.4ghz cars coming this week. I want to get one, but I don't want to use the kyosho spektrum radio. Part of this is because I already own a spektrum dsm 3.
My local hobby store spoke to kyosho america and was told that k.a. has not personally linked to other radios but have gotten 3 or 4 reports from others that have succesfully linked the car to spektrum radios.
I have seen posts in this forum that state it will not bind to spektrum radios.

Does anybody know, for sure, if this will bind to a spektrum radio or not?


2008.02.27, 01:11 AM
from what i've read the spektrum isn't compatible with kyosho's asf system... haven't got a spektrum so i really can't say for sure...