View Full Version : Monster steering not responding

2008.02.27, 03:06 PM
Hey guys, i need a little help if any of you can please?
I'm fixing a friends iWaver monster and thought it was a bad solder join, i fixed that and it is still not steering (forward and backward works fine).
I'm not 100% sure that the wires are in the right place, i have a MZM but the board looks quite a lot different, so not helping much!
Does anyone have, or know a link to some pics of any other MZM PCBs or, ideally, an iWaver Monster board!
Any other help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

2008.02.27, 04:27 PM
mal- check to see if theres pressure being put on the wires. i remember tom saying the motor works ok on its own, and ive had problems with my overland where ther wires are 'suffocated' of power.

2008.02.27, 04:31 PM
form memory the pot wires attach to a different place on the iw board,ill take a pic for tomorrow pm if no one has posted one.

oh and can you pm me your addy as it was on the stafford site

2008.02.27, 05:06 PM
Cheers Lads, a picture would be great Matt, everything seems ok, just doesn't want to work!
PM sent.