View Full Version : Bending Corners Raceway

2008.02.27, 09:34 PM
Does anyone race at Bending Corners Raceway in Southern California?

2008.02.28, 12:18 AM
Isn't that the track over by Ultimate? They run carpet inside a Basket ball gym. They also have a outdoor track but it's a little small.

The guy who runs it was talking about running a Z race, but I think they were going to run on carpet and not RCP.

Have you been going over there mike?

2008.02.28, 09:14 AM
No I havenít been there yet but there web site say there is mini-z racing. But I talked to matt last night and he says they donít do it.:(

2008.03.27, 03:47 PM
Hello MiniZRacers,

BendingCorners Raceway
2190 N. Canal Street
Orange, CA 92865
714 540-5657

will be laying down our Carpet for tunning and practice this Sunday and you are all invited.

check out our web site at http://bcraceways.smugmug.com

get on the mailing list at bendingcornerscarpetraceway@yahoo.com

MiniZracers will have FREE entry for this Sunday only, so make your way down to BCR and get some Carpet under your fingernails.


2008.03.28, 09:17 PM
im in for this sunday at bending corners....for sure i will be running a nml motor at some point....:D

DJ Kyosho
2008.03.28, 11:25 PM
I'm in for sure this sunday also. This should be fun grant, NML SS + 14t pinion. Phil said he might drop by and bring some PN carpet tires.

DJ Kyosho
2008.03.30, 01:11 AM
Anybody know what time this starts? Is this for open practice?

2008.03.30, 02:42 AM
says for the race days 9-5 practice starts at noon

2008.03.30, 09:32 PM
bummed that i couldn't make it. Sunday's are way to busy thease days.

who went? How was it?

2008.03.31, 12:14 AM
bummed that i couldn't make it. Sunday's are way to busy thease days.

who went? How was it?
i went....its was a blast....supah long straight away and btw....way to big for mini z....we would need a 16 or 17 pinion to run this track i was toped out 1/2 way down the straight with a nml motorand pinned thru the sweeper....my car was hooking up well but i had a hard time keeping my pn carpet tires on the wheels...dj k. asked me if i had tried the tires that we use @kenon so i did and oddly it hooked up fairly well so the next time i go i will be trying to set up with pn rcp tires:D