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2008.02.28, 07:44 AM
on futaba's web site it says this:
Stock Number Model Receiver Servo (Qty) Band Modulation
FUTK01** 2PL R152JE ..........S3003 (1) 75MHz AM
FUTK02** 2PL R152JE ..........S3003 (2) 75MHz AM
FUTK03** 2PL R142JE ..........S3003 (1) 75MHz AM
FUTK08** 2PL R153F .......................... 75MHz ..FM
FUTK09** 2PL R153F .S3003 (2) 27,75MHz FM
FUTK10** 2PL R153F S3003 (1) 75MHz FM

so which one is for the mini-z? their is not a 27mhz am offered i'm confued

2008.02.28, 08:17 AM
ok i'm dumb the 02 on towers site has 27 am on :) i'm such a n00b

2008.02.28, 11:13 AM
You must be new here.....

HAHA!!! See you Sunday!

2008.02.29, 12:49 AM
hmm... none of those radios you listed will work with a mini-z

you'll have to find one that operates on a 27mhz am frequency... hope you get to find one...

2008.02.29, 02:14 AM
yeah i had read that if you put a1-a6 on the FUTK01** on tower it would be the right one. that is true but they are out of the 01's luckaly the 02 is the same price. also tower has a $20 discount and futaba has a 10 mail in.

2008.02.29, 05:39 AM
The 2pl is the same radio you used at the club. Sheila uses that radio and she loves it.


2008.02.29, 11:08 AM
yeah that's why i wanted yo get the right one. i ended up finding one in the market place though