View Full Version : Track for Nascar and Dnano

2008.02.29, 10:03 AM
Hi to John or anybody else who wants to chime in with feedback:

I will be switching from a 50cm setup to 30cm (mini-96) setup soon and wanted to confirm or ask the following:

- with consideration of running stock Nascars (i-series) and new Dnano, would the following work?

(note space for Nascar setup is around 26' by 20' but we've only been running a smaller track to keep racing fun and tight (i.e. 16 50cm tiles long x 10 tiles wide))

1- mini 96 kit
1- mini 96 expansion kit
1- large inside radius mini 96 kit
2- chicane mini 96 kits
2- long 45 degree kits

Note that the oval I was going to make would use 4, long 45 kits, some straights and some blanks from both mini-96 kit and exp. kit.

Should I order extra blanks? how many?