View Full Version : Le Mans and F1 White Bodies in US?

2008.02.29, 11:02 AM
Hi Tim,

Is there any reason I have never seen F1 bodies available in the US? Are you not allowed to sell them here for some reason?

Also, should I expect to see the Le Mans white bodies available state side later in the year? I only ask because, if they're not going to be available I might as well find a source in Japan.


2008.02.29, 02:53 PM
I posted this part number earlier today. It is for the 962 body in white. Now finding the part to match the number could be another story.


2008.02.29, 03:50 PM
Having a part number doesn't mean it will appear stateside. Whether it's sold in Japan or the US the part numbers are the same. As far as I know the F1 bodies have never been sold here in their white body form.