View Full Version : Free Soldering Iron

2008.03.02, 07:15 AM
I've got an old soldering iron I don't want any more. It's a basic plug in one that I got from Maplin not so long back.

It works well but I have a better one now.

Let me know if you're interested. :)

I'll bring it to the next meet if anyone wants it.

2008.03.06, 03:02 PM
tom i could do with a smaller one, im defo interested, still got it?

2008.03.07, 02:37 AM
Yes mate but I don't know if it will be what you call 'small'.

It's yours though! Thanks for saving it from the bin lol. :)

2008.03.07, 09:55 AM
lol thanks, at the mo mines like an elephants foot:eek:

2008.03.08, 08:36 AM
No problem mate, I'll bring it on the 16th.